love struck

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Harini's POV

It was three and the alcohol was killing my head I turned and saw Damon.

You “awake my love" and I nodded I was irrevocably on love with 164 year old vampire with sexiest body

We were wide awake and we went down stairs I put on my robe and Damon on his stupid bear printed boxers are I eyes met with two fruits ones of course Stefan and Elena

"hey" and I fell silent Damon came from the back and kissed me on my neck it gave me the same tingly feeling as usual and he looked at his brother and had pass a snide comment “Why the long face did u get beat up by your lunch I mean your bunnies" I had to giggle !!

Stefan just came and strangled Damon but Damon was stronger as he was living off. human blood so was I but ya so he cracked Stefans neck and he fell to the floor limp I knew he would come around in an hour or too that's when the bell rang and went to get when I opened it I was utterly shocked it was my old boyfriend Rudy from India I had known him for 3 years when I was in India but we had had full time sex behind a car after we broke up I know sick bit ya he did know I was a vampire so I let him in and that's when Damon came in and kissed me Rudy's eye brows furrowed and I have him a he is my new boyfriend hot, right look he was called in by me Damon and him were introduced and there shared vicious glances and I knew I had to keep Damon away from Rudy or else he would have a snapped neck,his heart ripped out or all the blood sucked out of him by the end of the day!!!!

pls stay tuned Gus as I said I am new to book writing and I am trying and ya KEEP SMILING

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