Me and Jamson get off the plane and leave the airport. We decided to take a taxi on our way there.

"So Kayla." He says looking down. "What's life like for you at home? If you don't mind me asking.."

"No it's fine Jamson. Life is pretty good. I have a nice family.. And it's good."

"Good.." He says with a smile.

After we get out the taxi Jamson said he needed to find somewhere to go.. I didn't know what he meant by that.

"Jamson!" I said trying to catch up with him "where are we going?"

He just waves his hand in the direction for me to keep going.

He finally stops.. At a alley.

"Jamson.. What are we doing here?" I say eyeing him.

"Listen Kayla.. Please dont judge me after you find this out.. Okay?"

"I won't.."

"Okay.. I smoke."

"Oh.. It's okay Jamson-

"No it's not! I always smoke when I'm nervous or angry.. I need to stop."

"I can help you." I say putting my hand on his arm.

"Really?" He says looking up shocked.

"Yes. I use to smoke to... When I was 16."



"How did you stop?"

"We'll I just stopped.. I know it's not that easy for everyone.."

"Thank you Kayla." Jamson says wrapping his arms around me.

"It's okay Jamson.. I'm here for you." I say hugging him back.

"Well.." He says wiping a few tears from his face. "I guess I should go to my dorm now."

"Yeah me to."

"I'll see you later Kayla.. I promise."

"Okay." I say mainly to myself.

I'm glad I met Jamson. He is really sweet.

I start to walk down my hall to find my dorm. When I find it I realize the door is unlocked so I just walk in.

"Is someone there?" Says a female voice from the closet.

"Yeah I'm Kayla. I'm guessing your my room mate."

"Oh sorry." she says walking out the closest "I walk looking for a skirt" a girl with lovely dark skin long brown hair a gray tank top and a really short plaid skirt on came out.

"It's okay.. I'm Kayla"

"Ebony" she reaches her hand out.

"So your already unpacked" I say sitting on the empty bed

"Yeah I got here pretty Early." she says while picking up her things "where are you from?"

"Florida" I say taking off my shoes.

"Ahh nice. This is your first year here?"

"Uh yeah."

Isn't it everyone's?

"Oh.. This is my second year.. Technically. I left last year."

"Oh.. If you don't mind me asking..why did you leave?"

"My boyfriend." She says sighing. "We have a little girl. she is two. and working at my aunts clothing store wasn't helping much.. So I'm back" she says with a small smile

"Well.. This is my first year.. I wanted to go last year but.. Um things happened."

"Yeah I understand life is crazy." She says brushing her long brown hair

"Il be back soon." She says exiting the room.

"Nice to meet you to.." I say to myself."

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