Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Tris POV

I walk into the Pit with Tobias and am holding his hand. Christina switched with Tobias, Christina is planning the activity instead of Tobias, so he can be with me 24/7. To be around me when France is next to me. The initiates look at us.

"This morning we'll be throwing knives at each other. You'll be paired up and you must not hit each other with the knife. The idea of the exercise is to hit around your partner/fellow initiate. Four and I will demonstrate. He will be throwing knives at me. But won't actually hit me. I walk over to the target and smile at Tobias. He smiles back. Tobias lifts a knife and throws it. It lands next to my head.

"Also. Do your best not to flinch. The braver you are. The better your partner will aim." I tell the initiates. France looks at Tobias.

"Miss!" She coughs as Tobias releases the knife. It stabs my right thigh. I cry out in pain and sink to the floor.

"Shit!" Tobias hisses. He sprints over to me and pulls me onto his lap.

"Tris! I'm so so sorry! Are you ok?" Tobias asks panicking. I look at him.

"It's ok. It's France's fault for messing you up on your aim. And no I'm not ok cause there's a freaking knife in my leg!" I laugh. Christina and Will enter the Pit and Christina runs towards me.

"OMG!!!! Tris what happened?" Chrissy shrieks. I point at the knife then at France. Christina pounces on France and drags her along to the infirmary. Tobias scoops me up and takes me to the infirmary. I hear screaming coming from a hospital room. Then I hear baby cries.

"Congrats on the beautiful twin boy and girl Mrs. Prior. Clara is the girl and Callum is the boy correct?" I hear a doctor ask.

"Yes." I hear Claire answer. I look at Tobias and smile softly.

"We're Aunt Tris and Uncle Tobias." I giggle. He smiles and kisses my forehead. I'm an Aunt of two!!!

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