A Study In Blue Chapter 4

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A Study In Blue Chapter 4: doctor

As The Tardis began to wheeze and come to a stop The Doctor, Amy and River sighed a sigh if relief.

"How is the possible Doctor ?" River said, out of breath.

"Well the crack, it feeds on time energy. The Tardis is an infinite paradox, therefore the crack is feeding on the time energy given off from The Tardis." The Doctor mumbled, speaking to fast for most people to understand.

"Amy ? Amy what's wrong?" River exclaimed running over to Amy who was sitting on the fresh green grass crying silently.

Amy looked at River with tears flooding down her face, "I feel so sad, but I don't no why..." She said quietly before bursting into tears again.

"Doctor ! Doctor where is Rory ?" Shouted River, standing up quickly and running over to him.

Amy looked up at River in confusion, as if to ask who Rory was. The Doctor simply looked a River a mouthed 'the angels.'

"So Doctor, where are we ?" Said Amy, picking herself up off of the floor and linking her arms with The Doctor and River.

The Doctor's eyes quickly flicked back and forth as he scanned the area. The fresh, light green grass was filling the floor, and the buildings were simply made out of wood and straw.

"We are on the planet Inofa!" Exclaimed The Doctor. "River have we visited here together yet ?"

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