The Fight

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Chapter 11


That night was super fun. We stayed up all night talking and telling stories. I listened as Percy told me about all of his adventures and his time in Tartarus with Annabeth. It was truly touching, and Leo also told me about his time with Piper and her Roman boyfriend, Jason.

"That is amazing!" I say in awe one too many times. The only thing that set me on edge was the awkwardness between Nico and Leo.

"Well, this was fun," I say as I pick up empty candy packets and Coke cans off of Percy's floor, "but I better be heading back."

Percy was already passed out from a huge sugar rush and Leo was staggering as if he was drunk. Nico was getting ready to dump water on Percy's head to wake him up.

"Nico! Don’t-" it was too late, Nico had poured a gallon of freezing cold water onto Percy's sleeping head.

"What the Hades!" he yelled as he grabbed for his sword, Riptide.

"Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty." Leo laughed. We all joined Leo in laughing other than Percy.

"That's not right guys, not right at all." His dark hair was soaked and he looked like he was about to skin one of us. I started to walk toward the door,

"Night guys!" I called. Leo ran up to me,

"Wait, we wouldn't want you walking around all by yourself at night." He smirked. As a joke, I pulled out my sword and held it at his throat. I smiled and chuckled,

"I think I'll be fine." I put my sword back in my pocket and headed out the door with Leo behind me. Half way to my cabin, he broke the silence,

"Are you going to the firework show tomorrow?" He asked. I had no idea what he was talking about so I said no.

"But it's EPIC! There is a bunch of awesome food, music, and of course amazing fireworks." He sounded excited, much like a small child seeing a beloved Disney character at Disney World.

"Okay, well, I guess I could go."

"Awesome! I guess I'll see you there!"

Chapter 12


Why couldn't I have just asked her to the firework show instead of being all dumb about it? Instead of going back to my cabin, like I was supposed to, I went to see Piper, it was only 8:30 so I figured she would be awake. I knocked on the Aphrodite Cabin door and Piper answered.

"I need to know how to ask a girl out." She looked excited. She had been trying to set me up ever since Calypso and I broke up, and that was 5 months ago.

"Ok, but first, is it Gabby? It better be Gabby!" Piper seemed so excited.

"Yeah, how did you know?" She looked at me like I was a complete idiot, which, now that I think about it, is how she always looks at me.

"Leo, my mom is Aphrodite. I think I would know these things."

"Wait, does... does she like me?"

"You didn't hear it from me..."

I felt my heart skip a beat. The girl I liked actually liked me back. Multiple thoughts ran through my head.

"Should I ask her to the firework thingy?" I stuttered. I could feel my palms starting to sweat.

"Absolutely not. Leo, you just met this girl. Give her a week or two. Get to know her and tell her about..." she trailed off looking at my, now soaked with sweat, hands.

"But Pipes, she...she could be afraid of fire. Then she would think I'm a freak and hates me!"

"Leo, don't be morbid. Just tell her the truth and don't try to play 'Mr. Protective' when she is around Nico!"

"What?! I never do that!"

"Oh really? Whatever. Just-just give Gabriella time. She needs to find her place here." Piper's words were so comforting. Stupid charm speak.

"Okay, I'll wait, but I just don't like her getting close to Nico, he gives me the freaks."

"That doesn't mean he scares her. Leo, she is the first person I've seen Nico get along with other than Hazel, Paige, and Jasmine. Give him a chance." Again, Piper's charm speak was getting the best of me.

"Fine. Oh! I almost forgot, I'm going to ask Gabby to sing at your birthday party during the firework show since they are at the same time. Is that okay?"

"SHE CAN SING?! OH MY GODS YES!" Her words were excited. I could tell she was oozing happiness.

"Great, I'll go ask her."


Chapter 13


I started home after Gabby and Hot Head left. As I slowly made my way to my cabin, I saw Valdez going by,

"Valdez," I called, "we need to talk." He saw me and I motioned him to come toward me.

"Sup?" He said casually. His face was still greased stained, as usual, but his face had a slight tint of redness to it, as if he had been blushing...

"We need to talk about something," I didn't know how to bring it up so I just said it, "why have you been so flirty with Gabriella lately?" his face went from happy-go-lucky Leo to what-the-Hades-is-wrong-with-you, Leo.

"I haven't been flirting with her." His voice was layered with defense

"Yes, you have. You practically throw yourself at her. She is my friend, I don't want you to hurt her." I was getting angry. But I had no idea why.

"I've been throwing myself at her?! No, you're wrong, Nico. I would never hurt Gabby! You are crazy to think I would."

"What about Chelsie? Destiny? Paige? All the girls at this camp you hurt. All the promises you made and broke. That is your problem, Leo! You make promises you can't keep!" I was breathing heavy. I was full on son of Hades mad. Leo's face was hurt.

"Like you haven't done the same, Nico? Why are you like this? Oh yeah, because Percy promised to keep Bianca safe and she died! You need to let go, Nico! You stay hung up on all this bad stuff and you never see happiness!" He huffed and turned away. My hatred for Leo Valdez exploded into words,

"At least I wouldn't scare her! She's afraid of fire! What are you going to do about that?!" I yelled and stomped the rest of my way to the Hades cabin. Once I got inside, I thought of my once beloved sisters, Bianca and Paige.

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