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Laura's POV

Laughing gas? I hated that so much, you couldn't stop laughing about the stupid things and you didn't understand anything. I laughed one more time.

"Oh no mom" i warned.

The doctors came in and said that i could go. Back home i realised that i had to tell Ross about this, my mom already knew. When i was home i walked upstairs with my crutches. It was harder than I thought. I moved over to my desk. I opened my laptop and put it on my desk. I put it on and saw that Ross was online. I clicked on his name and waited nervously. Suddenly i saw Ross.

"Hey lau- What happend to you?" he almost yelled.

"Well. Funny story actually. "i giggled uncomfortable.

"I changed my style as you know, and some girls didn't like it. They-they started to hurt me. "i ended.

"They called you names?" he asked confused.

"They also hit me and beaten me up" i mumbled but Ross heard it.

"What? They hurted you! Why didn't you tell me? "he asked worried.

"I was scared to tell you, i didn't want you to worry." i said feeling guilty.

"Friends need to trust each other laur. It is hard to be friends this way "he said. My eyes widened in horror.

"Y-you do not want to be friends anymore?" i asked, feeling tears coming up.

"No no no, Laura, i will always be your friend. But it hurts me that were in pain for almost 4 days. I want to protect you "he said softly.

I smiled softly.

"It was only 3 days" i corrected.

"3 days is to much. And i have an idea, if you are okay with it. In 9 days i will come to California, but maybe i can come now and stay at your home, i can come to your school and teach those girls a lesson "he said serious. I smiled. "Really? Do you want to come to california 9 days earlier  for me? "i asked surprised.

"Yes, so can i stay with you?" he asked.

"Give me a second." i said.

"MOM!" i screamed.

"YES LAURA?" i heared.

"CAN ROSS STAY HERE FOR THE WEEK?" i screamed back.

"Sure Laura!"

"Yes! Ross you can come "i said. Ross smiled sweetly at me.

"Ok, I'm going to pack, see you soon Laura" he said

"Finally" i whispered to myself.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing" i said quickly.

"Bye laur" he said.

"Byee" i said. I closed my laptop and walked downstairs to see my mom cooking.

"So laurybear , Ross  is going to be here for a week, why?" she said.

"He wants to protect me" i said smiling softly.

"He is so in to you!" she squeaked.

"No mom, we are just.. friends"

"If you say so" she said. we ate and i walked upstairs. I finished my homework and was tired. I laid down and groaned in pain because of my leg.

Finally i fell asleep. Dreaming about Ross. I woke up and saw a mattress next to my bed, with blanket and pillow. Mom had fixed it already for Ross. I struggled to get up. I putted on a blue dress with white flowers on it. I brushed my hair and did my makeup. I was so happy to see Ross today. I walked down the stairs to hear my mom talking to someone.

"Mom? Who are you talking to? "i asked opening the door to see a blond guy sitting on the table. He turned to me and my eyes widened. Ross ran up to me because i couldn't run that fast. He lifted me up and hugged me close to his chest. I putted my arms around him and snuggled into his chest. I started to sob.

"Ross, you are finally here" i choked out.

"I'm happy to see you laur" I looked into his eyes and almost drowned in them.

"I am happy too" i whispered, hugging him again.

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