the boardwalk

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as I walked down the board walk with ana I felt a sense of peace and I loved how smiley and happy she was it was as if everthing she did was touched by light and happiness. she was walking on the edge balancing as the warm late afternoon light flash and sparkled around her I knew, I knew for some reason that I would have to fight for her I didn't know why and I felt as if I needed to protect her.


ana's pov

I didn't know this feeling this feeling of hope and happiness and I knew I cared about him but I didn't know why I felt like this so quickly.

"why don't you swim?" niall asked from behind me his hand loosely fit in mine.

I walked back twoards him but my foot slipped as I reached out for niall he reached for me his arm wrapping around my waist pulling me right up against him

"you saved me " I said looking at him

" you don't like the water and that's pretty deep water, didn't wanna have to save ye"

I looked at him in total shock

"how did you know I don't like water?" I asked

" you sat on the beach with zayn this morning, and I saw you walking along the beach the other morning whenever the water came close you would back up as if as if you were afraid of it "

" I'm not afraid of water niall"


sorry short chapter

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