Chpt. 21

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The past few hours, Noah and I've been talking about random things. We mostly talked about Courtney and all of the memories.

He ended up falling asleep on me again, and I was perfectly okay with it. He can sleep on top of me anytime he wants to.

A few minutes later, the sound of my phone ringing woke him up.

"Go back to sleep." I whispered into his ear. He did as I said and rolled over, pulling the overs over his head. He is so cute.

"Hello?" I answered the unknown number.

"Mrs. Taylor, I'm gonna have to ask you to come down to the police station to answer a few questions. We are doing the best we can to investigate this tragic situation, and we would really appreciate you helping us with the blanks that need to be filled in." The man said, I was somewhat nervous.. I wasn't doing anything wrong so I can't get in trouble. I'm going to do whatever I can to get that tall, dark headed, bony bastard in jail. I never want to see his face around, it'll only bring back unwanted memories.

"Yes sir, is there a specific time? I sort of have company over." I said looking at the sleeping Noah in my bed. I couldn't help but to smile at him, even though he is asleep.

"Will tomorrow at 5:00 be well on your time?" He asked in a formal way. I could tell he wasn't an old man by the way his voice sounds.

I thought for a second to make sure I wasn't going to be busy or anything.

"That'll be fine." I said waiting for him to reply.

"See you then Mrs. Taylor."


I can't believe I haven't thought about Al! She must be crazy out of her mind, I haven't even thought about her lately. Does she even know? Not many people do.. They might have told everyone at school today. I haven't been going, so I wouldn't know.

I'll visit Al tomorrow before the interview meeting. I know she is probably sick from all of this drama, or maybe she isn't. Maybe she is happy for Courtney. I know I am. I am happy she is in a better place.

I cleared my thoughts and lied back down with Noah. Mom went to her friends house, so it's just me and Noah. That's why I'm allowing him to sleep with me. If my mom came in and seen us laying like this, she would have a cow.

Noah realized I was back in bed with him, so he cuddled up to me. He laid his right arm on my stomach and his head in the crook of my neck. His warm breath soothed my skin as I played with his messy brown hair. Over the past few days, I've learned that he loves it when someone plays with his hair.

Second by second he got closer to me. His leg was tangled in with mine, and he was almost fully on top of me, but his weight was suffocating me. It was surprisingly comfortable. I wrapped my arms around him, enjoying how close we were.

Noah lifting up my shirt, just enough to show my belly button, let's me know that he's awake. He rubbed small circles around my waist.

We were getting closer and closer by the second and things were getting faster.


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