Chapter Seven

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       The next few days went fairly quickly and before I knew it, it was Friday. The last two days before I returned to college on Sunday night. I attempted to remove the thought of being away from my family again for another couple of months away from my head, so that I could proceed enjoying the time we we’re spending together now.

      “Hey Shan,” I called over, looking up at the sun in the sky as I was floating on my back in the pool.

“Yeah?” Shannon called back. I’m presuming she was still on her lounge reading her magazine.

“You coming in the water?”

I got off my back and kicked my legs so that I could stay afloat, since my feet didn’t quite touch the bottom of the pool. I inhaled the strong smell of cooking food that came from the barbeque my dad was currently doing, as my mom stood behind him, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist with her chin resting on his shoulder. The weather was so good today that we couldn’t resist coming out and enjoying it.

“She won’t get in the pool,” My mom laughed, looking at her best friend through her black pair of Raybans she had on. “Wouldn’t want to get your hair wet, ey Shan?” She teased.

I laughed at them both. Grown women and they still loved to wind up one another.

Days like this I prayed wouldn’t end, but of course they did. It wasn’t long before I was sat around the dinner table on Saturday night with my mom, dad and Luke. Our last tea together for a while. My dad had gone to quite a lot of effort to cook for us, since he was the only one of us that could actually cook. It wasn't my forte and most definitely wasn’t my mom’s.

“This is so good,” I compliment, as I chew the chicken, mash and gravy in my mouth. Then swallowing down the food and cutting a potato with my knife and fork.

“I’m glad you like it. It’s the last of my cooking you’re going to taste for a while,”

I look down at my food after he’s spoken, not wanting anyone to meet my now glossy eyes. I look at Lucas as he hits his plastic spoon against his baby chair in amusement, envying him slightly at the fact he gets to stay here with our parents all the time. Life is just so easy for him.

He looks up from his mess, catching eye contact with me, and his face breaks into a grin. I smile over at him sweetly, before placing another forkful of food in my mouth.

“Are you looking forward to seeing your friends tomorrow?” My mom asks me across the table.

I look up and nod. It’s definitely going to be nice to see Jessa tomorrow. And maybe even Louis. He’d been texting me these past couple of days asking what time I would be back and what my plans were Sunday. I had given in to his pleads of allowing him and Dan to join me and Jessa for lunch on Monday.

The night quickly passed by. The morning was present and I threw my bags into the back of my car. Goodbyes were always the hardest, though they were more 'see you laters' because saying goodbye sounds so final.

As the last of my stuff was packed into the boot of my car, I closed the door with a bang. I sigh, turning around on my heels to see my mom, dad and Lucas watching behind me. It's painful, but this time in seven weeks they will be stood in that same place welcoming me back.

"Hey kiddo," I say to Lucas as I stroke his cheek, "gonna miss ya." I pick him up into my arms, feeling the warmth of his body against me as he cuddles me tightly. I smile into him, inhaling his baby scent of Johnson's bubble bath and talc, and praying that he understands that I miss him when I'm away.

" Ba-bye Sammie," Lucas says cutely, touching my cheek with his hand.

I hand him back to my dad, and then me and him embrace. He kisses the top of my head before we pull away.

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