Chapter 1

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My feet drummed the ground as I ran away from 'them,' by them I mean the orphanage security control. Doesn't sound welcoming does it?

By the way, I'm Thunder, unique name isn't?

Well here I am telling you who I am, even though you don't know what the heck am I doing? We'll let me explain, this is how it happened.


I was pushed forward by some kind of police. I fell flat on my face as I fell on the ground, if my hands weren't behind my back in handcuffs maybe it wouldn't have hurt so much or if they didn't blind fold me. Who are these people!?

"Ugh..." I moaned, clearly not wanting to get up whatsoever.

"Get up Raven!" Growled a HUGE officer.

"Maybe I could get up if my hands weren't behind my back! Or maybe if I could actually see where I'm going!" I protested.

"Nice one Raven. I'm sorry." Whispered another officer as he took off the blindfold, well at least I can see where I am now. This one seemed nicer than the rest.

"Why are you freaks calling me Raven!? My name is Thunder!" I growled as I looked at my surroundings.

I was in a large grey room. There was a white plushy, animal footed couch, boy how I would love to lie down in that. In a corner of the room was a tall reading lamp and a chair. And along the walls were various doors with... Locks? The was on door that opened to a hallway filled with even more doors, then I could see it lead to a room with a washing and dryer machines.

"We call everyone by some animal we think would suit them best, because your all animals, we know your name is Thunder but we didn't want to call you thunderbird because you don't see so strong plus you smell like garbage." Said the first officer.

"What do YOU want to be called then!?" Barked a third officer. He had a patch over his left eye.

"I like the nickname thunderbird for your info. Raven seems really cool though, I'll stick with that" I reorted.

Before the three officers said anything an old lady walked out a fancy door in the hallway. She had grey hair in a messy bun and wore a long black dress. It looked like she was getting married the same day as she is going to a funeral.

"Welcome to The Orphanage, Raven." She rasped in a scratchy voice.

Waitforaminute, did she just say THE ORPHANAGE!? I heard rumours about that place. It's where they track and locate orphan children and keep them for some time. If they are good they get adopted or released, if they choose released they get a tracker in their skin. Eww. The kids are treated like slaves and served disgusting foods. It's more like military camp than an orphanage.

"this is a very strict place Thunderbird. Breakfast is at 8 am, you wake up at 7 am. Lunch is at noon and supper is at 6:30. Come late to any of those you get no food, come early you get more food. During the morning you have re-education classes, in the afternoon anger management classes. There is only a two hour break after supper. Then you go to bed at 8:30. I better be clear here." She said it like she said those words millions of times.

"I understand...Mrs...."I squirmed around trying to get a better look at the woman.

"Mrs. Deniver" she said curtly.

"Your luggage is in your room, room 5D. Borris untie her hands so she can get up." She snapped at the officer with the eye patch.

"This is Borris, Derek, Roy and Marlo isn't here right now." She introduced me to the four officers on by one. Roy was the one who took off her blindfold.

"Enjoy your stay" here she hissed as she walked down her hallway to another room.

I winced when Borris grabbed my arms and tugged to handcuffs right off, leaving my hands bleeding.

I need to escape.

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