Run aways.

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Erica's POV

how would we even support our selves were 17 years old and I don't even know the friend he's talking about.

I love Brendon I hate my home life, maybe I should go...

"Brendon, I wanna run away."

Brendon's POV

did I hear her right? she actually wants to go!?

I jumped up and kissed her she returned the kiss and giggled.

"let me call my friend and ask!"

I ran to my phone and dialed his number it rang and on the 3rd ring he picked up

"Hey, Pete do you think my girl friend and I could come live with you for a while?"

Pete was Fall out Boy's bassist and he had a pretty large house, so I mean he had room.

"Sure, but what about school? you're only 17." Pete asked and I frowned

"we can do online classes, I just wanna leave and be with Erica"

I could basically hear his smile through the phone.

"Ohh Erica. I guess but if you come I need you here by tonight."

I smiled and told him okay, then hung up.

"Erica we have to be there tonight." I walked back to her and she had a huge grin on her face.

"I'm going to run home and grab what I need." she pecked my cheek and ran out the door, her house was literally around the corner so she should be back soon. now I have to pack. I packed most of my t-shirts, some pants, a few posters, some shoes and my bathroom stuff and had 2 suit cases and was ready when I heard Erica enter my room.

"I have my stuff in the back of the truck." she smiled and practically burst with joy. Goddamn I love her so much and I can't wait to be with her on our own.

"let's go baby."

Pete lives in California and were in Nevada so its not a huge drive.

we walked down stairs and crept by my dad who was lying on the couch sleeping with beer bottles surrounding him, of course. I always hated when he drank, he got abusive and would beat me and my mom.

Erica and I got in my truck and sped away.

A/N: kinda a filler.. sorry for the shortness but I have been sick the past 3 days and ugh not fun. hope you liked it!

Stay high my friends.

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