Chapter 4

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Rumbling erupts over the prisoner cell.

"What's happening?" the old man yells

"I don't know but something important" I Reply

The once abandoned door opens. two guards walk in. The same ones who brought me here.

"you are to be executed immediately, orders of the queen."

"What? why?" Raja says questioningly

But the guards leave the room.

"We'll be back to pick you up. don't move."

The guards leave and Raja acts fast. Without a word raja starts to bite through the walls.

"What are you doing?" the old man asks.

Without saying anything Raja keeps biting, but nothing happens.

"Give me your food!"

"What!" the old man replies.

"Just give it" demands Raja.

Opening a false panel in the ground and pulls out a bowl of some liquid. The faded words are barley readable but still distinguishable.

"The Royal Curry Dish" it says

I grab it from his hands and throw it in the wall. A huge hole carves itself in the wall makes the surrounding area weak. with a steady kick, Raja blasts through the wall.

"Let's go old man" said Raja.

The two sneak up the tall staircase and make it to the the door. the door bangs open and the one guard, Ashwin walks out.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing" yelled Ashwin

The man charges at the old man but With quick moves the old man dodges the guard and the guard resumes his path. Raja grabs the man by the shoulder and smacks the bowl of curry into the Guards face. The guard takes the bowl off but appears with a burned off face and red eyes. With the sound of his screaming Raja knows he'll only draw more attention. Using his strength, Raja picks the man up and throws him down the long stair case. with the last of that, Raja and Sidak move on forward.

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