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The Next Morning.

Emilie's alarm went off at 7am. Filming didn't start until later on, so everyone got a lie-in.

The first thing she saw after she shut off her alarm was a leather jacket lying next to her on the other half of the bed. Tom's leather jacket. The memories from last night came back to her. She had text Viv when she had gotten in. She didn't want to phone her because it was so late.

She reached across the bed and pulled the jacket towards her. She pulled it up to her face and took in its scent, Tom's scent. It smelt amazing. A smile crept on to her face as she remembered the delicate kiss they shared outside her room door. 

Nobody knew that she and Tom had gone out for dinner last night. She was wondering if Karen and Joanne knew, they were sly and had ways of finding out. Gossip spread like wildfire on set.  Another smile crossed her face as she remembered she'd be working with Tom again today. She eventually got out of bed and headed to get ready, pulling on a denim skirt with suspender tights and a stripey vest and her ever faithful black boots. She was always casual on set, she wouldn't be able to work if she was all dressed up. Her job involved a lot of scurrying about from place to place - and there was no way she was doing that in a pair of 6-inch heels, thank you very much.

She grabbed her bag from last night and slung it over her body. She was just pulling the covers up on the bed - even though there was maid, she hated to leave the room in a state, something she had got from her mum - when there was a knock on her door. 'Housekeeping already?' she questioned herself. She wandered into the foyer of her room and stood up on her tip-toes, placing her palms flat against the door to steady herself and looked through the peephole. Tom was standing on the other side of the door. Emilie smiled as she returned to her normal height before opening the door. 

"Good morning Tom" Emilie smiled as she greeted him.

"It is now" He smiled as he took in her appearance, trying to be subtle as he looked her up and down. "Good morning darling" He smiled, eventually returning her original greeting.

Emilie blushed "Please, come in" She said, taking a step back and showing him through to her room, stealing a glance at his bum as he walked in front of her 'damn' she thought as she bit her lip, before forcing herself to look away.

"Nice room" Tom said as he looked around before turning to face Emilie, smiling. 

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Emilie gushed

"It is. Now, darling, I thought we could share a car to work this morning, if that's OK with you of course" Tom asked, his eyes full of hope as he smiled down at Emilie.

"Of course, I'd really like that" Emilie smiled, looking up at him through her eyelashes. Emilie suddenly remembered the jacket, "Oh, your jacket Tom, I forgot to give it back to you last night" she said as she reached across the bed to grab it, handing it over to him.

"No, you keep it darling. It looked better on you anyway" He winked at Emilie. 


"Of course," he laughed "I'll know who has it should I need it again".

"I had a great time last night Tom, it was so nice of you to take me out" Emilie said as she hung the leather jacket up in her wardrobe.

"As I said, it was my pleasure Emilie. I'd like to do it again sometime" He smiled, hopefully.

"Absolutely" she smiled back at him. Tom took a step closer to her, wrapping his arms round her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. Emilie returned the hug, wrapping her arms round his waist. Tom rested his head on top of Emilie's, they stood like this for a few seconds before pulling apart. Emilie, on her tip-toes, reaching up to kiss Tom lightly on the lips, "I never really did thank you properly for last night Tom" she said, a smile crept across Tom's face as she kissed him.

He liked this. 

He liked spending time with Emilie. 

It had been his idea to go to work in the one car - Emilie didn't know this. He called Dave and gave him the morning off. He wanted to spend more time with her, even if it was only a 30 minute car journey.

'He's looking very handsome' Emilie thought to herself as he headed towards the door of her room. He was wearing dark jeans, boots, a white t-shirt and black cardigan. 

'He smells so good' Emilie thought as Tom passed her to open the door for her. As he held the door, she decided to switch jackets. Removing her grey one and switching it for Tom's leather one. She smirked at him as she did so. He winked back at her, his eyes never leaving her as she passed him to leave the room, secretly pleased that she was wearing his jacket.

They arrived at work after a short car journey and went their separate ways. Emilie headed into the trailer to see Jo and Karen sorting out the stations. 

"Morning!" Emilie grinned.

Karen replied without turning round, smiling at her in the mirror. Joanne looked up, mouth agape and spun round fast.

"WhyareyouwearingTom'sjacket?!" She squealed, clapping her hands as she bounded over to Emilie.

"How did you know it was his?" Emilie asked, stumped.

"A-HA! IT IS HIS!" Jo shouted, Emilie had fell for that old trick.

Karen joined the pair laughing, "Did you two have a good time last night?" She smirked at Emilie.

Emilie began to blush, dipping her head slightly. "Yes" She muttered, quietly.

She spent the next 10 minutes telling them all about the previous nights events.

"So, it WAS a date then" Jo shrieked.

"It was 2 people, having dinner. Nothing more" Emilie defended.

Karen stepped in "So, you didn't kiss then" She asked, an eyebrow raised and a smirk on her face.

Emilie could feel the blush building, looking down at her shoes. She muttered something that the other 2 couldn't hear.

"Sorry?" Karen smiled, knowing full well the answer. Emilie's coloured cheeks giving it away.

"I said we might have" Emilie whispered. Blushing even harder.

Jo screamed and grabbed Emilie in a hug, squeezing the breath out of her. "I knew it I knew it I knew it!" She screeched.

"And, the jacket?" Karen asked.

"I was cold, he was a gent" Emilie shrugged, a grin spreading across her face as she remembered the previous night.

"He's very chivalrous" Karen stated "He's always holding doors open for us. You've got yourself a good one there Em".

"Woah, what?" Emilie laughed "It was one meal".

Karen and Jo looked at each other, then at Emilie, with a knowing look.

The girls spent the rest of the morning getting set up, ready for the cast to come.

Emilie only had her mind on one thing.

Or rather, one person.


Sorry it's been a while. Busy lives and what not.

Hope you all enjoy it. It's mental to think that my story has over 300 reads! :O

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