Chapter 1: What the freck do i wear.

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{Anna's POV}

Your parents decided to have a big Family Get together. It was in your ninety&fifty apatment building in the lounge.. My mom told me that she had invited the Espinosa family. I started freaking out because i have always had a huge crush on Matt. I call my cousin who is my best friend and tell her to get over here because she needs to help me get ready. My cousin and I decide i would wear wear a spagetti strap dress thats goes up to your mid thigh thats mint green on th bottom and A nude color on the top. We decided to do a very natural makeup and decided to fully curl your hair and out a braid through the middle. Me and Noelle made our way downstairs to the party when the buzzer goes off. I scream and almost killed Noelle. Its was the Espinosa's Damn Matt looked hot. You Opened the door and let them in. you greeted them and gave them hugs

{Matt POV}

When i found out that we are going to Anna's for a party i get so excited. I have always had a crush on her and have always wanted to ask her out but i was always afraid she would say no. But tonight was different. Tonight was the night i was going to ask her out. When we get to the entrence i see Anna comeing to let us in. Damn she looked hot.

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