Chapter 31

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**Cams P.O.V**

**At The House**

"This is soo strange." I said after reading the note. Harry nodded in agreement. "Have you ever been in touch with the Queen?" I asked. "No I never heard of her." I sat the cat down and she changed into a human toddler! She crawled around the floor and played with one of my old t-shirts. The other kitten with Harry struggled to get out if his arms, so he sat it down and it also transformed in to a toddler. "This is very weird." Harry said as he starred at the girls. My stomach growled very loud that made the little girls cry. Harry scooped them up and went in the kitchen trying to hold back his laughter. He came back with a glass if blood for me. The babies had cookies in their hand that kept them happy. They both transformed into kittens and started fighting with each other. The white one jumped out if Harry's arms and the black one followed and pounced on her sister. They hissed and fought. I broke up the fight and separated them. They transformed into little babies again. They had scratches on their faces and arms. But they quickly healed. I touched one of the little babies arm. It was soft as feathers. So was the other sister. I turned on Spongebob for them. And for me too. They sat in amazement how Spongebob transformed into a arrow and was singing the "Camp Fire Song Song". By the time the show went off they were both sleep on the couch and so was Harry. I went upstairs and grabbed a blanket big enough to cover us up. I gave everyone a kiss on the cheek and fell asleep on the couch also.

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