Chapter 13

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Ris P.O.V

Walking Into the Party and Pulling From My Blunt I spotted some Shorty.  She was Hella Beautiful,  I wasn't even Fucking with the party no more. Only thing I knew was I wanted her. and I mean bad. nah,  I ain't on no thirsty shit, I just want her. But imma Cool it In V.I.P until later.

" Whatsup Daddy "  some Girl spoke sexually in my ear.

"What's Good ma,"   I said while sipping on some ivanabitch ..

"Let me take you on a Journey",  she said while pulling me from V.I.P and taking me to a  Private room. 

This Girl was Straight.  I was high asf and Felt the Buzz from the Ivanabitch.  I had to admit I was in need of some good Head and some pussy. I Knew better though.  I had a condom ready!  .


Soo I'm at the Party and This Bitch was. live asf.  Soon as I walked in I Dipped Ris and Went to Fuck and throw some cash at Some Strippers.

I wasn't Drinking,  I was Just Smoking and Falling for this Girl Name Jazz. . She was Like a Short Model Type.  light skin with A tramp stamp and Long hair.  Ion know if it is hers or not but she had some pretty Green eyes.

I Could tell By the way she was Grinding on the Pole that she was Only here to Make Some Money, 

"Whatssup Beautiful" I Smiled.

"I'm Not interested " She spoke Soft and Clearly. 

" Damn,  It's Like That " I just wanted some communication not ass" I lied

" I'm Sorry,  I'm just use to The Same Shit "she extended her hand and said,  "I'm Jazz.

"I'm Ash,  I Mean Ashton" I said while pulling her Close too me.

Man The Girl Right Here was Wifey Material.  we Went up to V.I.P hoping to Find Ris, That Nigga was No where to be found so me and jazz sat here and got drunk and high asf and got to know each other. 

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