Island Of Memories

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Me and Demetri finally get to the ship and we stopped by a candy stand. Everyone looks at us and see our arms full of candy. "where have you been!?" Bryan yells embracing me. I squeeze out of his embrace and say,"me and my new friend Demetri went to a candy stand. Now if you don't mind I have to show Demetri to his room." I say walking away beckoning Demetri to follow me. I walk him to one of the rooms and open the door. He drops all his candy on the bed and sits down. "thank you Natalie. I promise I will make you very happy." I raise an eyebrow and say,"Ha! When did I become your betrothed!?" He simply looks at me with handsome grey eyes and says,"when I saw that I had competition for your affection." I giggle and say,"well good luck competing for my affection." I close the door behind me and go to my room. I refill my secret stash of candy in my drawer and put a lollipop in my mouth. I savor the sweet citrus flavor enveloping my mouth.

Once again the light turns off but this time I was prepared. Before he knocks me to the bed I kick him in his crotch with my steel toe heels. He cries in pain and I get up turning on the light. I smile still sucking on my lollipop and say,"well look what we have here! A man looking to apologize with sex!" Still cowering in pain he says,"it was worth a shot right." I kick him in the abdomen and say,"god damnit Bryan! I don't always crave sex you ass! I mean maybe later, but that's besides the point I'm mad at you right now." I point towards the door and he sadly leaves. I kind of feel bad, but I want to teach him I'm not a booty-call. I finish my lollipop and strip to my lingerie and tie my hair in a loose bun. I then go to bed completely exhausted. I wake up to the bright sun getting up, but I immediately cringe with pain and look at my abdomen and see a cut.

I jump into the shower and slowly clean the dried blood on my abdomen. Someone enters the bathroom and I look through the shower curtain. I smile and say,"hello Demetri! Did you sleep well?" He begins brushing his teeth and gives me a thumbs up and winks at me. "we will be headed towards the island of memories. People say my father left all his treasure there." I say excitedly. I don't hear a response and see that he is taking his loin cloth off. I raise my eyebrow and smile slightly. Ever since denying Bryan, I have been hot and bothered ever since then. As soon as he steps in I jump on him and he begins kissing me and nipping at my neck. I look at his wings and see that a magical aura is surrounding his wings. It must be protecting them from the water. I snap from my thoughts when he shoves his entire cock in me. I moan in a mix of pleasure and pain.

He moans and says,"your so warm Natalie!" His thrusts get faster and I scream in ecstasy. I claw at his back and he bites my neck in pleasure. I gasp at the sudden pain but then I'm once again consumed by pure pleasure. He roars with pleasure and shoves it all the way in,climaxing. Instantly I climax and I gasp with pleasure. We stay like that for what seemed like an eternity, me in his big strong arms."one point for Demetri," I manage to say out of breath. He smiles sweetly and we kiss passionately. I clean myself under the hot water and he continues to kiss my neck. He begins washing my body, softly like I would break at any moment. His hands are soft and warm and I moan slightly. I kiss him tenderly and he lovingly embraces me. I get out of the shower and I head toward my room, making sure no one is there. I finish getting dressed, my usual outfit which my father got for me. I put my pink lipgloss on and see Demetri there smiling intently at me.

He goes up to me and gives me a cheek. I kiss him back and we head towards Nate. "hey Nate! you ready to go to the Island of memories!" He smiles excitedly at me and says,"yup! I heard that when you enter the island, a thick fog shows everyones memories. Even their darkest memories." I look towards Demetri and see that his eyes cloud over. I look at him worried and I pat his back. He moves away from me and he goes back to his room. I look at him walking away and my mood instantly sours. "what the hell is his problem!?" I say rolling my eyes. I put a strawberry shaped lollipop in my mouth and pout. I begin humming a song my mother used to song to me when I was a baby, but for the life of me I can't remember how she looks. I hope this island will help me see some of my lost memories. I just hope Demetri is okay, I.wonder if he's hiding something about his past?

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