Harry's POV:

Man! It's 4th of July!! It's so damn hot! I can't take it anymore.

"Yoo Selena! Open the window!!

- Harry?! What's going on?

- Do you want to go to the beach today?

- Yess!! Plzzz!! Cz it's so hot!! Idk why! It's probably because, today, we're the 4th of July!

- No, it's because you're here ;)

- Haha :$ So...

- Um, I'll give you 3O minutes, you can be ready in 3O minutes right?

- Yeah! :D

- See ya ;) "

Selena's POV:

I closed the window, got my bikini and went to the bathroom to change my clothes.

Then I got out, there was still 15 Minutes.

I went to Harry's appartement to tell him that I've finished

Then we got in the car and went to "Belle Vue Beach"

"There's so many people -I said-

- They better keep their eyes off of you!

- Harry!

- What? Do you want me to protect you or not?!

- You're not protecting me, you're just jealous!

- I'm not JEALOUS!! -With an angry voice-

- OmG! Baby! You're so red and angry! I was just messing with you!! Hunny, don't be sad!!

- It wasn't funny!

- I'm sorry, come on, don't hate me!

- What?! I'll NEVER hate you!!! Don't say that!! I just got a little bit jea.... Oops!

- Haha, You said it yourself!! But don't worry, I won't let anyone to flirt with me!

- Good! Now we can enjoy this day!"

Harry's POV:

The sun is shining, the birds are happy, this day is gonna be won... DAMN!! Selena is so fucking sexyyy!! {Taking off his sunglasses} .

Selena's POV:

I got off my clothes and turned around seeing Harry checking me out:

"Can I help you? -I asked-

- No

- Then why are you looking at me, is there something wrong?

- No, but you're just so hot!

- Oookay?

- I actually like a girl with a big booty ;)

- Oooh stop it! :P No rea..."


Someone said. I turned around, I saw a bunch of boys checking me out. I looked back at Harry... where's Harry? I looked back again at them, he was there. What the...!!! Now he will make a huge deal about it!!! Ugh!!

I got over there:

Harry: How dare you look at her, can't you see her with her boyfriend??!!!

Boy: We didn't see you

Harry: So what are you, like, blind??!!!??

Boy: It's just that your girlfriend is so sexy!

Harry: Look, dude, I'm here to spend a good day with her! Not to deal with some guy flirting with her!

Boy: So, your point is...?

Harry: My point? Is that I want to beat the fuck out of you!!!

Boy: Wow! Scary -With a sarcasm-

Harry: Come on Selena let's go, I don't want people seeing me talking to a 9 year old

The boy stopped talking and went with his friends.

"Selena! I knew something like this would happen!! -He said-

- Don't worry!! He left now!! We can enjoy this day now!!

- Why you always say "Don't worry"? It's like you don't care!!

- I DO care!! But I don't wanna see you angry! All tho, you're so cute when ur angry :D

- ... really? ;)

- Yeah, u get all serious and start to punch whatever you see and you start screaming :D It's just so.... Swaggy

- Um, do you really think so?

- Yeah :) Now, I'm so tired let's go home!

- Okay

We got to the car and drove back

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