Bridget and Leila stood there, watching as the Celsits surrounded them. They never thought that they'd ever have to do this. They knew they were different, but never how different.

                 "This is it.", Leila said, drawing her sword. "No going back.", Bridget replied as the monsters came closer. They both ran towards the beasts, ready to fight and complete their birth mission.

6 Months Earlier-

              As she walked down the sidewalk to school, seventeen year-old Bridget Laws smiled with a grin that could scare Dracula. You see, Bridget was perfect to everyone who knew her. She was your typical cheerleader. Hot body, long blonde hair, percky attitude and of course the football captain boyfriend Gabe Knowles. She pretty much loved everything and everyone that she came across, looking like Snow White everywhere she went saying, "Hello everyone. Lovely day, isn't it?" but without the sickining sweetness.

               But she also had an eighteen year-old sister, Leila, who was to total opposite. She road around on her motorcycle with her long brown hair flowing out of her helmet. She was more reserved than Bridget and kept to herself. She didn't show any pride for her school, always wearing a leather jacket and walking around with her punk boyfriend Derek Hill. 

             But the one thing that Bridget and Leila had in common was, they both despised each other. They didn't have the perfect chemistry when it came to each other. Bridget was a morning person. She loved the sunlight and was always thinking of the positive side of things. Leila was a night owl. She was always out late to parties and hanging with Derek, always getting into trouble. 

               "BRIDGET! BRIDGET, BRIDGET, BRIDGET!", someone yelled from behind. Bridget turned to see her best friend Kitty Jackson running behind her. "KITTY! What's up?", she asked as Kitty came up behind her. "I just wanted to confirm that you were going to prom!" "Uh, ya. Of course I'm going to prom. IT'S THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!", Bridget exclaimed as they jumped down the sidewalk. As they did, they didn't notice Leila driving past them on her motorcycle. 

                   As she past them, Leila rolled her eyes and said, "Elle Woods everybody." She quickly pressed on the gas as she drove on into the parking lot. She parked her bike, grabbed her backpack and keys, and walked up behind Derek as he was talking to one of his buddies. "Hey dummy.", she said as she tapped his shoulder.

                   He spun around and faced her. He had his shaggy black hair hanging over his eyes a little. His eyes looked almost black, but that didn't faze the fact that Leila loved him. "Hey princess.", he goofed as he bent down and gave her a kiss. "Can you believe all the fuss over prom?", she asked him. "I know right? It's like everywhere I go I here, 'OH! MY DRESS IS PERFECT' and 'OH! HE'S GETTING A LIMO!'", he mocked, making Leila giggle.

                   Then, as they were laughing, Bridget and Kitty came walking beside them. Once the sisters looked at each other, they both lost their smiles. "Bridget." "Leila.", the two said, staring at each other with strong frowns. "SOOOO?", Bridget asked her sister. "SOOOO, what?", Leila replied. "SOOOO, are you going to prom?", Bridget continued, giving a big fake smile. "No. I'm not.", Leila mocked, nodding her head at her sister. 

                   "Come on. It's your senior prom. You have to go.", Bridget told her, Kitty nodding her head in agreement. "I don't have to do anything. It's my decision and I don't want to go. And niether does Derek. So you go on, plan your perfect prom, and have a fantastic time with Gabe and Kitty.", Leila replied, grabbing her boyfriend and walking off towards the building. "Foget it Bridge. She's never going to come to prom.", Kitty told her as they began to walk. 

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