Chapter 7

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You woke up to sunlight beaming in the room, "ahh~ where am I?" You said while rubbing your red and puffy eyes. You then remembered that you lived with sehun in a new house.... and last night. Last night played through your head, sehun and the girl, the thought made you tear up and cringe. You fought back whatever emotions were coming and limped to the bathroom. You looked in the mirror and saw a monster, a horror movie character, red puffy eyes, makeup smuged, and what seemed to look like a Bush on your head. Even if you where mad you couldnt look like this in front of sehun so you took a shower and washed up. When you got out you thanked the Lord that there were towels already there and dried off. You looked at your anlke, there was no cast, like sehun promised, it was swollen and brusied. "This is going to be a hard 9 months..." You thought. You raced to your bedroom and went into the closet, you saw all of your clothes hanged and folded on the shelf . You saw a box next to the drawer... you looked in and saw all you underwear, at first you were embaressed but you giggled at the thought of him being so shy. You stopped yourself, even though you knew how much you liked him, you wouldn't forgive the pain he gave to you all these years and especially last night. You got dressed in a pair of shear black stockings and black shorts, with a normal t shirt and Jean jacket. You dressed how you felt. You felt angry and upset, hopefully he would get the hints. You slipped into your combat boots and walked over to the mirror. You saw all your makeup displayed on the counter, "wow" You said, "he must really feel bad" You put your eyeliner on, just a little more than usual, sexy but elegant, and put on your mascara. This is all you needed, and wanted for that matter. You put your hair Into a bun and walked out, you grabbed your phone off the table next to your bed and walked out of the room. You felt a weird feeling, you were so~ angry, but you felt somewhat relieved, and confident. You limped to the kitchen and didn't see anyone, you walked over to the living room. You saw Sehun on the couch on his phone with the tv on. He was smiling at the phone, you rolled your eyes, scoffed and turned around. He must've heard you because he jumped towards you,

"Y-N!! Did you sleep well?" He asked  while holding onto your wrist,

"Yeah thanks sehun, you can go back to what you where doing, I'm going out." *wow, she's even an angel when she's mad* he thought. He noticed you limping  Away, he faced palm himself for forgetting to buy ou a cast,

"Yah! Y-N! Where are you going with your anlke like that." He asked grabbing onto the front door.

"I'm going to but a cast and meet up with some friends, See you later.... oh and I'm also going grocery shopping. " you gave a slight smile, trying to hide your angry and sorrowful emotions.  He looked blankly at you, with sad eyes and let go of the door. You limped out shuting the door with a slight "bang" behind you. He was upset, normally acting like this would get him any girl he wanted, but not her... she was different, she was the one who made his heart flutter uncontrollably,  she was the one made for him, like a match made in heaven. But he knew that he would have to win her back, he knew what he did wounded her, and he knew that he had to be the one to heal and care for those wounds.


You walked out of the house, wondering what to do, you couldnt do or go anywhere without help so you decided to text kai...

"Hey kai it's Y-N, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out and help me today....? I'll take you out for lunch too! I really need help! "

"Oh sure Y-N, I'll leave now, where are you."

"Let's meet at the school parking lot..."

"Okay" You had a hard time walking there, but luckily your apartment was only a block away from school. You saw him leaning on his car in he distance. You smiled, he was a good friend, he knew what was on your mind and always knew how to help. He even knew about sehun. He saw you limping, at first he stood there, but then he ran around the car and back into the drivers seat. He turned the car on and drove right in front of you, the passenger door facing you. He quickly opened the door and ran over to you.

"YAH! Y-N, why happened!!?!?" He gave you a worried but careful expression,

"Kai, I'm fine... I just feel down a couple stairs and twisted my anlke, that's all, let's get going..." You limped over to the car and tried to open the door but he stopped you.

"Y-N, your not okay, your hurt..." he said with a manly and protecting voice while staring at you. You've never seen him like this, he's always been the "whatever" type of guy. Just like sehun he could make any girl swoon, except you. You only thought of him as a friend. And he hated it... There has been countless times he's tried to make you jelous, hooking up with other girls, acting like a couple in front of you and even more... but it didn't affect you... not one bit. The worst part is, you never even thought about being jelous, you had originally liked him back when you were a freshman, but you always saw him with another girl so you gave up.... and moved onto sehun.

"Y-N, please... you need to get checked out ju-" he got cut off by you,

"No kai, I'm fine, let's just go to the pharmacy and pick up a cast... okay? Ad after I need you to help me go food shopping."

"I - uh - Fine , you have to at least get a cast, and why are you going grocery shopping, why don't you have somone else do it?"

*dang, I forgot to tell kai about me and sehun* you thought... "uhh~ kai, I have to tell you something important... you can't be mad at me though... It's not my fault...."

"Y-N, what is it now?"

*oh~ he's already mad* you thought weather you should tell him or not, you decided to tell him later. "Ah, never mind I'll tell you later..." You quickly got into the car and slammed the door. He huffed, and walked around the car and driving off to the pharmacy. Once you guys got there he told you to stay in the car while he went off to get it. As soon as he left your phone started to ring. You read the caller ID, it was Sehun. You refused to pick it up, you were not going to fall into his trap again. It's happened so many times you can't even remember. Little did you know Sehun needed you, he loved you, and little did he know... that when you stopped liking him, he felt empty.... it was a selfish thought,  but it was a helpful one. It helped him reveal his true feelings toward you. You thought and thought and thought about how you where going to make it through the next 9 months... it hasn't even been a week and the drama already started. You snapped out of your thoughts when your car door opened. You saw Kai on one knee next to the car. He smiled a soft smile and motioned for you to give him your anlke. You obeyed and turned yourself to face him. He carefully grabbed your anlke and put on the white cast over your stockings. He also had a sharpie... He looked up at you,

"may I?" he asked. You nodded and smiled. He signed his name on your cast with a heart next to his name. When he was done you looked at it and smiled and gave him a hug around his neck. He gladly hugged you back and wrapped his arms around your body. He savored the moment. You let go, but he wouldn't let you go. After a minute or so he finally let go. You didn't want it to be awkward so you smiled at him, he was surprised at your reaction...

"Kai let's go to the store." He nodded and drove to the store. When you got there he got out of the car really fast and got a cart, he then opened the door and undid your seat belt. He lifted you up bridal style and put you in the cart and started to push the cart with you in it. At first you where suprised but you had fun spending time with one of your best friends.... Once you were done you got back Into the car.

"Okay Y-N, I'll drive you home..." he said while starting up the car.

"Actually kai... I have to tell you something...."

"y-n... is it what you wanted to tell me before?" He asked now extremely curious.

"Yeah... so my parents there away on a business trip... that's not really a big deal being there always away... but this time... they'll be gone for around 9 months, with their friends. And so now I'm living in a new apartment.... but not by myself..." You didn't dare to look him in the eyes while telling him. There was only lights from the street lamps so when you looked up at him you could make out his face, staring at you.

"Y-N!! Why didn't you tell me earlier! Who are you with!?!" You sighed and looked back down at your hands,


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