I'm so sorry I haven't updated in like a month, and it's probably going to be longer as well. I'm so sorry. The thing is that I haven't had time. School is killing me. Some of you are high school students, and know how stressful it can be. I seriously havenn't even have time to read wattpad for a month. I haven't read a single chapter of a fic in a month because of school and being too tired after I'm done.

Exam season is coming up, which wll be even more hectic.

Therefore, I'm really sorry to inform that I'll have to take a break. I should have told you 3 weeks ago that I was taking a break, but I wasn't aware that it was one. I was always telling myself that "next week I'll update" and "I'm sure next week won't be as hectic as this one" - but every week I've had test and presentations. But, now I've seen my test plan, and I see that I won't be avalible before springbreak. And even then, I still have to do school work.

Again, I'm very sorry. Hope you will still be as eager to read when I come back.

I love you all! You are all amazing!

shagniall // xx ✌️

ps. connor franta is da bomb diggity (idk why i put this in, but i just love him so much hehe)

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