Chapter Three: Master and Servant

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Mayo~ Sorry I haven't updated in ages but this is a chapter I've pre-written so don't expect anything soon. Truth be told the reason I haven't updated is that I didn't think anyone actually cared or was reading it. So enjoy.

"So the seventh Master has been chosen"


"So do we attack now Master?"

The older man remained silent next to his Servant who was dressed in various shades of green under a short brown cloak and stared down at the Graymane Estate from a hill not a far distance away. He turned his gaze from the summoning pentagram that was burnt into the dark tiles of the roof to the lighted windows where he could see four figures.

Haruka Nanaho, a magus hired by the Tohsaka family. Elest Amami, youngest heir of the Amami family. Shadow Graymane, only heir to the Graymane family and the seventh Master of the Sixth Holy Grail Wars. And finally her Servant, a very handsome man that made both men's hearts swoon, though neither would admit it.

The older man's blue eyes narrowed as he noticed that the Servant didn't have any Noble Phantasms with him. Gritting his teeth in frustration, he turned away from the Japanese manor and walked back into the shady woods.

"Archer time to leave."


"... High probability that he is a Lancer"

It took me nearly a whole hour of speaking, which was a pain, to explain everything to Ama and Nanaho. I told them, with Lancer's help, that Yamashita attacked me with her Servant, Assassin, and how I involuntarily summoned Lancer who had been summoned in the Fourth Holy Grail War by an Archibald as a Lancer class

"Okaaaay... So what you're telling me is that YOU'RE a Master" Ama said confirming what had been explained to her and pointed at me," and YOU'RE her Servant" she continued pointing at Lancer this time. Nodding I sunk back into the couch form the exhaustion of speaking so much, Nanaho placed his hands on Ama's shoulders for comfort or to calm her down.

"You said you involuntarily summoned Lancer without planning to, right?" Nanaho asked, speaking for the first time, from behind Ama. His cobalt blue eyes slightly covered by his dark brown straight fringe as he looked at me. I simply nodded as I was tired of talking and rubbed my forehead.

"Then maybe the reason Lancer wasn't summoned with his Noble Phantasms and still isn't able to summon them is because you're not providing him any Prana for him to do so. Like you said you unintentionally summoned him and your body and Prana wasn't ready for such a strain." He explained leaning into Ama, hugging her tightly to his chest, and rested his head on hers.

"But Shadow's Prana won't be enough to sustain Lancer in this world" Ama chirped up leaning back into Nanaho, placing her hands on his arms. Nodding once again I flipped the worn novel open again, creaking slightly, and searched for the page that would be highly useful at this very moment. Dumping the open book in Lancer's lap I pointed to the paragraph I wanted him to read. He looked up at me before picking up the book and read out loud.

"Shared Mastership. It is possible to modify the summoning ritual in order to share the burden of a Servant. The only known case of this allowed the summoner to place the burden of providing Prana to the Servant on a second person, while the Master retained the Command Spells." When he finished he placed the book on the coffee table and looked back at me. I nodded as some sort of praise and looked back at the two love birds who were both deep in thought. It was a while before Ama spoke up.

"I'll do it, I'll provide Lancer with Prana" she insisted causing me to focus my stare on her, searching her determine expression and Nanaho to loosen his grip on her in shock.

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