Book I : I Know You Know

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You know Jada you better be lucky I let you have Roc. ._. Anywho on to the story.

Nia's pov

Myiah, Jay, and I came from the tough part of Compton, California. Way before our dreams became true. I was the outspoken one of the group, I spoke my mind whether people liked it or not. Some people just can't handle the truth. Well I was born May 27, 1996 in Chicago Illinois. Moved to Atlanta, Georgia when I was 5. Moved to Compton when I was 8 that's when I met Myiah and Jay. We've been close ever since. Myiah is my birthday twin and my Clyde.

Myiah's pov

I guess you already know that Nia, Jay and I came from the tough part of Compton. Well I was born May 27, 1996 in Springfield, Illinois. Moved to Los Vegas, Neveda when I was a few months old. Stay there until I was 8 and I moved to Compton, California. And that's when I met Nia and Jay. I'm the loud one of the group, I speak my mind. But some things I keep to myself. I'm a chilled laid backed person. And Nia's my Bonnie and I'm her Clyde. The girl version of Bonnie & Clyde.

Jay's pov

I'm the baby of the clique. I was was born September 8, 1997 in Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Compton when I was a few months old. First I met Nia, and then I met Myiah. Ever since then we became unstoppable and unseperated from each other. Myiah and Nia are like Bonnie and Clyde. But I really don't mind, cause I'm more of a quiet child. Not a goodie too shoes. Just a quiet child, I've been sent to a mental hospital twice because of my quietness. And maybe I can do bad all by myself.

Present Day : Comtpon

Myiah's pov

Nia, Jay and I have a little girl trio called Charm. We sing, dance, and rap and we are hoping to get on tour with Mindless Behavior. But that'll never happen. Because they always seem to have the Omg Girlz on every tour. But aye it's life. One day is gonna come, but as for right now were stuck here in Compton. ._.

Nia's pov

I was at home chilling, when my mom came busting into my room holding the house phone grinning like an idiot. Jesus help her, seriously. 😒

Nia: yes mother?
Mom: it's for you. *hands Nia the phone*
Nia: alright mom. *takes phone*

Phone Convo

Nia: hello?
Keisha: is this Ms. Shania Tate?
Nia: yes it is. Who is this may I ask?
Keisha: I'm Keisha Gamble manger for Mindless Behavior.
Nia: Mindless Behavior's manger?
Keisha: yes, and I seen your group and I was wondering if you girls wanted to come on tour?
Nia: oh my god, yes we would!
Keisha: *laughs* that's good! we will see you Wednesday then.
Nia: we will see you Wednesday.

Phone Convo Over

Nia's pov

Jesus, you made me the happiest girl in the world right now. I get to go on tour with Mindless Behavior. Jesus take the wheel. Wait until Myiah and Jay hear about this. They are gonna go crazy and I mean crazy.

Kik Convo

iShania: guys, guess what?
_love_myiah: what's up?
_jay_love: what's up?
iShania: I got a call from Keisha and we are going on tour with MB.
_love_myiah: you lying?
_jay_love: forreal?!
iShania: I'm dead ass.
_love_myiah_: when we leave?
iShania: we leave this Wednesday.
_jay_love: oh shit. I can't wait now.
iShania: I'll see y'all later.
_jay_love: see you.
_love_myiah: see you munchkin.

Kik Convo Over

>> Chapter 1 : First Day Of Tour <<


-Shamyiah , Shania , Jada

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