"Andrew sit straight! Would you like to explain to me what exactly you are doing with Basty?" Galit na tanong ni Mr. Prudence.

" Yeah right! I made fun of him all the time.I just wanted that asshole to get rid of Eloisa."

"Andrew!" sigaw ni Mrs. Bru

" Watch your mouth young man! You grew up together as brothers remember? They're family to us! What' s wrong with you two? Hilda! from now on I'm re -assigning a new faculty head for this school. We don't require our scholars to work as slaves in this school.All we need are their passing grades! and commitment to the school!"

"Sorry to interrupt Gilbert but may we know what does Andrew mean by he is protecting Eloisa from him?" tanong ni Mr.Villacorta. habang sinusuri ako ni Mrs. Villacorta mula ulo hanggang paa.

"Your daughter likes him very much...and that pisses me off!". sumbong ni Andrew.

" Si Eloisa natin?" di makapaniwalang tanong ni Mrs. Villacorta.

"Totoo ba yon.. Ha hijo?" tanong sakin ng Daddy ni Eloisa.

"Ye..yes..sir...pe..pero hindi ko po siya nililigawan.Wala po akong ginagawa sa kanya.." nangangatog kong sagot.

"Well that's another thing you could discuss with your daughter Randy. Whatever your reasons are..Andrew..still I won't tolerate your behavior! You better respect others. Mang Rufo drives me home safetly everyday.His mother took care of you and treated you like her own.What happend to you? Is that what your mother had been teaching you while I'm not around?! As for you Hilda.. You will no longer manage this school starting tomorrow.My decision is final and you better stop this mess or I'll send you to London right away.Do I make myself clear?!"

"B..bu..but..Honey.." maluha luhang sabi ng natatarantang si Mrs. Prudence.

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