Jay found it strange how her son didn't want to go trick-or-treating with his friends even though she allowed him to this year.

What was even more strange was that he wanted to go to bed early.

What adventure-filled five year old wants to miss out on Halloween and go to bed at eight?

Apparently Louis did and that worried Jay greatly.

"Loubear, you sure you don't want to dress up as Spiderman and go get candy with Samuel?"

She had asked for the seventh time that hour.

Louis shook his head and pushed his green toy car five feet ahead of him, causing him to collapse on his face.

He didn't cry for he believed he was a big boy now which was endearingly adorable.

"Mummy, 'm tired."

Louis whined and raised his arms, the toy car in his left hand.

Jay sighed and decided not to force him to go.

That would be the worst thing to do.

"Alright but brush your teeth before you go to bed. Just like how mummy taught you."

Louis nodded and was lifted up into his mother's strong arms.

After spending nearly an hour washing up and cleaning up the spilled water (Louis liked water a lot)(especially splashing it everywhere), he was finally ready to sleep.

Since Louis insisted he was too grown up to sleep in a crib, Jay bought him a queen-sized bed because he had nagged her so much that he's a big boy now.

And big boys don't sleep in cool... red... light up... car beds.

"There's still some time to play out for trick-or-treating..."

Jay egged on while holding Louis' hand.

He shifted under the covers, letting go of her hand.


She nodded and leaned forward to kiss his forehead goodnight.

"Goodnight, Louis. I love you."

Louis smiled at her from the bed as she stood by his door to close it.

"I love you too."

Once the door was shut, Louis didn't have a second to inhale another breath when the man appeared.

Do you love me too?

Louis sat up and watched the pair of green eyes smile at him.

"I... yes?"

You don't sound so sure...

The man put on a sad frown and was walking farther away from the boy in the red pjs.

"I do!"

The man in the white shirt turned around and crossed his arms.

Do what?

The man was teasing but Louis didn't mind it from him.

He liked the guy.

"I love you."

For some reason, those words had the man's stomach squirm wildly and heart ache as if it physically hurt.

It became quiet for some time with both of them staring at each other until Louis couldn't bear it any longer.

His mum told him it was rude to ask too many personal questions but this man has been visiting Louis ever since he could remember.

Asking him a few questions was okay, right?

"Do you know mummy?"

Louis waited for an answer but it never came.

"Can you talk in ou-outside? Not my head?"


Louis smiled and pulled the covers down to his waist.

He peered up at the man through the dark.

"What's your name?"

The man held back for a moment, thinking about this.

Louis could mention him to his mother and the time wasn't right to have her know he's around.

But looking back at him as he sat on the bed, waiting patiently for a name, it was hard not to give the kid what he wanted.


Louis nodded slowly, mumbling the man's name.

"Aa' rie... H-Harreh."

H-ar-ry, Lou.

Louis shrugged lightly, confused with all these accented sounds in the name.

He cleared his throat, "Heh-ri?"

Harry laughed, shaking his head at the silly pronunciation.

No, H-a-r-r-y; Harry.

The man, Harry, spent the next five minutes teaching Louis how to spell and say his name correctly.

Louis almost got it, passing with the nickname as Haz for he got tired and blurted out a string of letters.


Harry nodded, "Yes, Lou?"

"How come mummy doesn't see you?"

"Because I don't want her to see me."

Harry was nervous that he would ask more questions about the topic but Louis didn't say anything more.

Louis yawned and it became obvious he forced himself to stay longer than what he should have done.

Harry glanced at the clock on the table besides the bed.

It was almost twelve am.

Time was running out.

I have to go now. Be a good boy and I'll visit again.

He spoke inside the boy's mind.

If Louis wasn't so knackered and half sleeping already, he would've protested or begged Harry to stay.

He just nodded and laid back down, closing his eyes when it was too hard to keep them open.

Goodnight Lou. Do well in school next year.

Before sleep took Louis in, he managed to say his goodbye and see Harry's disappearing act.

"Bye-bye, Haz."

[A/N: The chapters are going to be longer and the settings will be varied since Louis can talk and soon be of age to go places without his mother's aid. Triple update today bc I blushed like twenty times (thx Kailyn (I love you lots))]

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