#25 - So You Called Her Ugly?

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So you saw her in the corridor
and instantly thought to bully her?
You do realise she's battling an image war
with herself and you aren't helping her.

So you saw her read a book
and instantly thought she's a nerd?
You do realise she's only giving it a look
so that she can escape and not feel like a turd.

So you heard her laugh weirdly
and instantly thought she's a freak?
You do realise she laughs fearfully
because of the negativity it gives her every week.

So you saw her eat a BigMac
and instantly thought she's fat?
You do realise that her eating's begun to lack
because boys say that they'd "never tap that".

So she asked you out on a date
and you instantly think it's to cover up being a lesbian?
Maybe she wants a friend or a true mate
or with the lesbian rumours she's done.

You think that she's a nerd.
You think she's a huge geek.
You think she's never hurt.
You think she's a huge freak.
You think she's a fat Hippo.
You think she's a giant swot.
You think her confidence is low.
You think she's not worthy of your snot.

She sees you dating another guy
and instantly thinks you're a slut.
You might just need a guy who won't lie
and maybe he's the only one who made the cut.

She sees you wearing tight pants
and instantly thinks you're a whore.
Maybe you're getting a hard time from your Aunts
and want attention or something more.

She sees you flirting with the teacher
and instantly thinks you're a cheater.
Maybe you're bad at learning about creatures
because your Dad is a wife beater.

She sees you slagging off people
and instantly thinks you're a bitch.
Maybe you're just a tiny sepal
in a flower and you don't want to be ditched.

She sees you eating a tiny salad
and instantly thinks you're a stick - figure.
Maybe you're eating that because you think you're pallid
and you're trying your specific configure.

She thinks you're a slag.
She thinks you're a slut.
She thinks you're a scum bag.
She thinks you're the rut.
She thinks you're an attention whore.
She thinks you're too easy.
She thinks you're a huge bore.
She thinks you're sleazy.

Both groups judge each other mercilessly
and love to slag each party off horribly.
You piss each other off endlessly
each other so bad you both need therapy.

Why can't you both just stop?
Why can't you both just end it?
Why don't you just swap
each other's roles and see if you're fit

to live each other's lives?
Why can't we just give up?


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