As we drove down the narrow roads leading to Luke's house I felt my imagination run through different scenarios that could happen tonight. Number one was just get absolutely shit faced drunk. Number two was passing out somewhere and sleeping all night, which I wouldn't really mind. Number three wa-

"Hey, Theo. How come you started school on a Friday? what's the point in that?" Michael kept his head forward and waited for me to answer. I didn't really want to answer him. It's not that it's a bad question, there's just a bad answer. I sighed quietly and looked at the passing lights through the window. The burning orange of the street lamps leaving a warm glow in the car.

"I was supposed to start on Monday but I just, wanted to do something you know? It got boring in the house, just moping about all day, waiting for Calum to finish school." 

If only that was true. 

"You could have gone out somewhere with your mom or something like that." Michael said, I knew he meant it light heartedly but I just wanted to laugh at his suggestion. I couldn't do that though.

"you're right, but I don't think she'd be too up for it anyway. She's not the 'going out' kind of person." I laughed quietly to myself and rested my head against the window. 

"yeah I noticed that. I haven't seen her leave your house yet." Calum tapped his thumbs lightly against the steering wheel as the music on the radio played quietly. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed my mothers lack of the outdoors.

I hummed in response as the car took a right onto a quiet street. Each house we passed was big, and white. They looked like the typical 'rich white girl' houses, with a lawn full of green grass and expensive cars in all of the driveways. Lucky for some.

Calum stopped outside a similar house to the others, except this one had a dozen cars outside and people all over the front lawn. I watched as one girl in a pink dress and high heels threw up over a hedge. It kind of made me want to throw up too. 

"You ready?" Calum turned in his seat and faced me. His eyes held excitement and it made me feel less worried about being here.

"Absolutely" I answered.

"Right, a few precautions before we go in. Don't give Mikey any tequila or he will throw up 'till tomorrow morning. And keep away from Jackson and his little group. They'll be all over you otherwise"

"Wait, who's Jackson?" I asked, looking back to the house.

"The drug dealer, they're just a small group of assholes. You'll spot them." The left side of Calum's mouth twitched up into a smirk and undid he seat belt. 

"Let's get this party started" Michael yelled, opening the passenger door. Me and Calum shared a laugh before getting out of the car and walking up the lawn, to the front door. Each time I took a step closer, the music got louder and I could hear more people cheering. I haven't even walked inside yet and I know that this is a bigger party than I have ever been to before.

There was a note on the front door that said: 

"Don't knock. Just enter."

Calum didn't even look at the sign though, he just walked straight in and held the door for me and Michael. When I stepped in, it was like I was in a movie. There was an uncountable number of people dancing in the middle of the room and red cups everywhere. The music was so loud, I couldn't even hear myself think. My eyes locked with a randomers eyes across the room. His hair was dark and so were his pupils. I felt my stomach churn when his lid dropped and he sent me a wink. I don't think he saw my rather disgusted face though, as Calum grabbed my wrist and tugged me into the kitchen.

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