*Levi's P.o.v*

I tried to burst pass Miss Mary but it was no use, Ryder is going to the Isolation Ward; She's already been there four time in the last few months. I need her with me, though. I can't function properly without her. She's like air for me. Everyone in the ward thinks we're in love or dating. But we really aren't. We're like yin and yang-we go together.

Good and evil, you can't have one without the other. Only, neither of us are evil nor good; we're just, here. As people.

It's been about an hour or so since Rye got carried out of here, the room sounding so empty that a pin drop could be heard. I'm sure the gossip queen of the ward, Lyza, already told everyone what happened since her room is next to ours.

Lyza is a "pathological liar" and a schizophrenic. She's way younger and Ryder and I though, at the fetal age of fifteen. She thinks, however, that since she's the youngest kid here that she can automatically swoon everyone over. To be completely honest, she's trying to be just like Ryder and it's not working in her favor all that well. 

It's so lonely in this room right now, I can hear the televison from the living area on and silent laughter from the teens. That's the good thing about Oaks. There's three sections for patients.

Children-which only consists of a five year old named Shelby or better known as "Sharp" because she thought it was funny to mutilate her puppy with a pair of sharp pliers. She's a pretty cool kid though, she usually spends her time with Ryder. Then there is the teen section and the elder section. 

Anyway, I've been locked (not literally since these doors don't lock) in the room for another hour when I hear Miss Mary come around doing her routine check ups. She walks in my room and I immediately scowl at her. 

"Oh, Levi, how are you doing?" She asks with a failed attempt to sound anyway near attractive. I just look at her dead in the eye and shrug.

She stares continuously at me and just as I was about to give her my signature irritated look, she said something that made me double take.

"You're release is soon.Your father will pick you up on Friday."

My jaw dropped,  and for the first time since I've been here I spoke to someone.

"N-no. I can't leave here! Ryder needs me!"

Her eyes widened as she realized I wasn't a mute, yet they shot daggers as I said Rider's name. I swear at that moment, I'd burst into tears.

I can't leave her here alone. She needs me to breathe just as I need her for the sane reason.

"It's already been established. Besides, you can visit it"  She said, describing Rye, "during visiting hours - eight o'clock a.m to seven-thirty p.m." I just scolded at her and told her to leave.

Then I completely fell apart. I need this girl like Macaulay Culken needed drugs in his system.

Tonight, I'll bust her out of there and have her back.

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