The best of secrets

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I fell backwards slightly and grabbed the knife that - handily - had been placed on Clarice's bed side

She stood up holding one arm out

"No, no please!"

Diane stood up "what the fuck Kyle!?" but once she saw Clarice she ran out of the room

"You fucking bitch" I grasped on to the knife with all my might

"Please, we can work this out!


Momentarily, Ricardo, Diane, Leland, Blondie, Megan, Dany and Mrs. Orchid ran in

All gasping or silent at the sight of Clarice

"Bitten, you've been bitten! and told no one!?"

the tears started to run down her face

"I couldn't!"

She broke down.

The bite mark above her chest was black and was starting to flake around the edges

Blood and brown fluids started to ooze from the wound, you could see so far into her chest that her chest plate was clear, and it seemed that a yellow substance was eating away at her bone

"How long has it been like this?" Mrs.Orchid asked -She had been the schools nurse and took care of medical supplies and attention

"I-I-It was when we came back from the sweep through"

She looked at Megan and Dany "when I disappeared , I heard something, though it was behind me, but it came from out of the darkness and bit into me"

"Why didn't you say anything?" Dany asked

"Because I knew this was going to happen"

I remembered the child she killed earlier, that must have been it's parent

Still holding the knife out Mrs.Orchid asked me to put it down, and so I did

"This is complete bullshit, it's been two hours and look at the wound!"

It was awful, it smelled awful as well

"I know it's bad " she said with gasps in between

"It's worse than bad! It's awful" Megan exclaimed

"How could you keep it a secret? if it weren't for Kyle you could have screwed us all over! the entire group" shouted Leland

"I know, I know!"

Ricardo came up behind me an put his hands on my shoulders motioning for me to sit down

"How did you find her?" he asked

"I needed a shower, the water in my room isn't working" I had been in a tank top and night shorts so I could see why he would ask why I was in here

Slowly he grabbed the knife out of my hand and placed it down

Mrs.Orchid looked at Clair and shook her head poorly

She leaned over to Dany "There's nothing I can do"

he nodded "I know"

Dany then walked over and sighed loudly

"We can't save you" he said

"I know but you don't have to kill me, we can work something out! "

"No, no we can't, nothing can be done!"

Clarice put her head down and the others started to file out of the room

I stood up and started to head out as well

"If I'm going to die, I'm not going to be the only one to do so!"

I flung around being pulled by my hair, I screamed and saw Ricardo and Diane run back in

Clarice had grabbed my hair and threw me onto the floor

I'm not fully sure as to whether or not this was the act of envy or the infection getting to her brain

but, she grabbed the knife and got on top of me pulling me by the hair lifting my head up and smashing if into the floor repeatedly  I screamed and Diane pulled her off

"No!" she screamed and flung the knife around aimlessly cutting Diane's arm so smoothly, it wasn't at all a big wound, it was like she had been walking and cut her leg on a sharp nail that left the lightest cut.

Diane let go and Ricardo grabbed her arms, while Megan got duct tape and taped her hands together.

"Fuck you all! I can't believe this!"

As she said so her eyes bulged and her voice got caught in her throat, suddenly she puked.

Vomit of black and green blood spilled onto the floor, and fell down her mouth onto her clothes, it was a vile smell but she did it three more times until her mouth was black and her teeth were stained

Knowing she was a threat we placed her outside and tied her to a post

She would be there the entire night

She started to cry again

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

"fuck that" I said and walked away into my room to watch the others talk of what to do with her, she probably wasn't going to make it through the night without going crazy and nothing would eat someone who had already been infected they would smell it and steer away

"Can I come in?" Ricardo stood at the door way, I looked over and nodded

"You feeling okay?"

"I have a headache but, other than that I feel alright"

"You should get into the bath, you're bleeding " he caressed my collar bone where the knife had cut me. I hadn't realized until now

"I can't" I shook my head

"The waters not working in here and there's puke all over the place in the other room"

"Here" he pulled me up gently and walked me out of the room

"Use my room" before leaving I noticed Dany looking our way but payed no attention I wanted the feel of the nice warm bath water.

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