Chapter 4 Party at Ave.State <part 2>

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Gabe's P.O.V.

"Will you Catherine Haxton be my beautiful girlfriend?" I can't believe I just said that will she say no. Well I don't know she does like me but what if she isn't ready and says no what the hell did I do. "Of course I can't believe it!" she wrapped her arms around my neck then I picked her up. We starred into each others eyes then before I know it we kiss her lips were soft and silky. A minute later we stop and smile. I love her smile it's just too beautiful. "I love you!" the words splurr out of my mouth. Wait did I Just say I LOVE  her. I'm in LOVE. So this is how it feels. "I love you too!" I can't believe she said that, that makes me happy how she feels the same way about me. After that we were holding hands walking to the party. We make it to the front of the house were the party is we ring the door bell.Ding Dong Ding Dong; that's the only sound I hear while we wait for someone to open the door. Finally someone opens it, it was a guy who had the school's football jacket on. It was the most popular kid in school, his name is Erick and he's a asshole he always hits on girls even though they were taken and once he finally gets in their pants he leave them like they were a piece of shit.The worst thing about this Jock is that he's my cousin."Heyyyyy welcome to the party my name is Erick the leader of the football team yes be jelouse but you my sexy ladie can be amazed!" I turn to look at Cathy but by the looks on her face she is disgusted. I laugh to myself and think how stupid Erick is to think he can get in my girlfriends pants. "Erick your drunk and stop calling my girlfriend sexy I can only call her that well I call her beautiful because it's not polite to call a girl sexy." I turn to Cathy and I can tell she's blushing. "Why are you even dating him he's a loser unlike me I'm popular. He's also a nobody, no one would even notice you guys are dating and you guys won't be voted cutest couple. And another reason he's a freak he hears bands like Black Veil Brides and Sleeping with sounds or whatever that band is called he cuts himself and he's suicidal who's thinks about suicide like Really only a freak does and have you seen his hair he dyes it that's gay! you should date someone more popular and normal like me then you'll be happy!" once he said that I got pissed off. Why the hell would he even say that he's such a douch I wouldn't even believe what Cathy is thinking. "OK first of all it doesn't matter if he's a nobody or a loser I love him for who he is. He's sweet,cute,tough,and he's polite unlike you. I've seen you around school and the way you treat girls is disgusting the only reason why you flirt with them is to get in their pants and that's sick. I'm not like the other whores in the school I won't let you touch me or even flirt with me. Your such a perve did your parents even teach you to be polite to others? Well obviously not since your like this. Your a asshole,douch,jackass,and a dumbass. I hope you die alone and never get married. Gabe isn't gay just because he dyes his hair. I dye my hair so does that make me lesbian well of course since you said it's gay to dye your hair well it's not so shut the fuck up bitch. He isn't a freak just because he listens to Black Veil Brides and Sleeping with SIRENS ok. And he's not a freak Just because he has suicidal thoughts and cuts himself I cut my self also okay here let me show you!" I look at her arm and I'm shocked I can't believe she cut herself o my god I look at Erick and he's shocked too! "I also have suicidal thoughts and that's not bad it doesn't make you a freak and it never will. And you think I give two shits about being the cutest couple in the school I don't that's Just a load of crap and I wont be happy if I'm with you I'll be misrable as fuck. So stop saying shit that isn't true we're leaving!" after that happened she punched Erick in the face and kicked him in the balls I look up and see the entire school looking right at us. People are whispering to each other, others are laughing, and some are recording and taking pictures. I look at Cathy and she looks pissed! "I think it's better if we leave." I tell her, I grab her by the wrist and take her away from the commotion. "You know you didn't have to do that?" I tell her "Well  I got pissed off when he said it and I could tell you did too! No one disses my boyfriend no one!" I look down and see a tear come down her eye. "What's wrong beautiful?" she wipes her tear away and says "It's just that I hate when people are bitchy because I used to get bullied alot and when I turned into a rock kind of girl three years ago every one just sort of got away from me and decided to talk shit behind my back and not in front of y face." another tear come down her eye and I wipe it off. "Listen Catherine your a kick ass chick who's cool to hang out with I don't get why people would say shit about you their Just jelouse of who you are okay!" I lean in and kiss her she blushes kisses me back. She wipes her tears away and says "You know I prefer Cathy you dork." we laugh and get in the car. She turns on the radio and the song Bulletproof Love by Pierce the Veil comes on "OMG Im in love with this song!" she says "Ha I am too!" we both decide to sing along with the song.

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