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~Sophie P.O.V~

'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEE-' Ugh school. I slammed the top button of my alarm clock and just slumped back into my pillow to just groan some more and keep complaining about high school. Finally a senior huh? I laughed at the thought.

As I was just starting to fall back to sleep the song "Animals" by Martin Garrix ringed out which made me jump as I snorted out like a pig. "I wonder who that could be." I mumbled sarcastically.

I sat straight up on my bed and lifted my iPhone to see 'SIR LOUIS THE KING OF ALL' brightly on my screen with a pic of me and him at summer camp in the background. I chuckled at the thought.

'Louis!! Stop!' I yelled out of the fit of giggles that were coming from his fingers that tickled my sides playfully. "I will when you smile at the pretty camera." He pointed towards the counselor of our camp group that was patiently waiting for us to pose for Louis' phone. "You don't want to keep the poor lady waiting or a lot more of this will happen." He kept pocking my sides. "OK OK HAHA." I yelled breathless. He finally stopped and placed his arm over my shoulder. "Say Cheese 3..2..1" "CHEEEESSSEEEE!" we brightly smiled, SNAP. "Jinks!" we both yelled. "Jinks Twice!" he shouted before me laughing out loud. "Awww No fair." He nodded his head and jogged up to the counselor and retrived his phone. Smiling with a large grin looking down at the phone he said, "That's a keeper." He sent it to my phone quickly and I immediately made it my home screen.

I slid the answer icon and placed it on my ear. "Were you sleeping boo?" He said with a chuckle. I smirked "What do you think, you are always the one to make sure I get up in time."

I heard a small laugh," Thats me,so you want to get some donuts or something before our very first day known as the big dogs.' I smiled at the thought, big dogs? "Reall Lou, big dogs.."

"Heeyyy leave me alone haha." I started looking inside my closet for something to wear.

"Ok, ok meet me on my steps later."


"Promise" I smiled and hung up. It was our thing, we can't separate if we don't promise each other that we will meet again.

"Lets go Sophie, its not that scary." He said pulling my small 8 year old figure towards the huge roller coaster. We have been spending this whole summer day at the amusement park. "Easy for you to say, you're a boy." I objected. I held tightly onto a pole with one had as my other one was tightly intertwined with Louis fingers as he kept tugging me towards the ride. He sighed and stopped tugging and made his way next to me and pried my fingers off the pole and held them in his. He looked into my small eyes. "Soph I've ridden this ride plenty of times before with my daddy, its not scary, if i'm wrong, you can push me into a pool when i'm not looking." he smiled revealing his dimple on his right cheek. "Promise?" I held out my pinky. "Promise me you wont let go of my hand throughout the whole ride?" He once again tangled his pinky with mine. " I promise, lets go!!" He took my hand and pulled me easily towards the ride and I giggled at his cheeky attitude.

I threw my phone over my bed, and shook off the memory. I took about 10 minutes choosing my outfit. I chose something simple. A striped tank-like blouse with jean shorts and a some grey toms. I shuffled towards my bathroom and just put my hair into a pony tail that showed my natural curls. I'm lazy every day to be honest. (Pics on the side)

I walk back into my messy room to hear pebbles hitting my window. I smirked and opened up the latch and pushed the windows open.

Not to my surprise there stood Louis with a killers t-shirt, his black backpack and some jeans along with the gray beanie I gave him for his birthday last year.

I smiled and yelled "You know you can just text me like a normal person." He thought about it and yelled "Nahhh I like this better."

I nodded my head and chuckled as I pulled back and lached the window. I grabbed my brown backpack, my headphones and my phone and left the room.

Quickly going down the stair case to find my mom's sizzling bacon and my dad on his phone talking to a worker from his company I guess.

"Morning sweetens." My mom hummed setting a plate for me. "Oh no mom that's okay, i'm having break-feast with Louis." I notated towards the door and I gave her a kiss on the cheek, along with my dad. "Ok well have a good day today." She said hugging me. "I will Thanks." I walked towards the door and opened it, "Be good today!" Yelled my dad last minute. "Haha i'll try!" I teased him.

I shut the door an made my way to the steps to find a happy Louis sitting down playing with pebbles.

I sat next to him and playfully grabbed one of my pebbles and threw them towards his giant tower and it collapsed down. I laughed as he just pouted. "Ha ha, very funny." I fixed his hair and he stood up. "Extremely!" I stated back.

He held out his pinky and I continued our morning routine by completing the pinky promise and he quickly stood up.

"Shall we now stuff our mouths with the best pastry in the world from the best pastry shop in all of UK?!" He asked and I wrapped my arms around his neck, "We shall, lets go mighty stallion." He chuckled as I jumped on his back, wrapping my legs against his torso and he grabbed my thighs firmly and he started galloping towards the shop.

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