Whatever happens in Asgard, Stays in Asgard.

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Odin: Ahh yes my children have arrived! And so has Loki.

Raven: Shut it you oaf. Did you or didn't you have me kill half of these Asgardians just to train me?

Odin: *Speechless*

Loki: Answer her at least!

Thor: Let's not be hasty guys. Can't we all love our allfather?

Loki and Raven: NO!

Raven: I'm not loving the idiot of an oaf who made me kill innocent people right in front of their family's!

Loki: You get used to it.

Odin: Guards! Take this troubling girl to the dungeon for her to rot in her cell!

Raven: I won't let you do this! *Gets dragged away by guards*

Thor: Father please don't do this!

Odin: I'm sorry for this son but it's for her own good. Come now Thor, we will have a feast!

Loki: A feast for what? For telling Thor his only sister is going to die for all we know!?

Odin: Hush it you fool of a Asguardian. I want no words out of your mouth.

Thor: Father is this really necessary? Can't we all just get along?

Odin, Loki and Raven: NO!

Loki: Raven where are you?!?!

*A black panther walks in*

The cat: I'm YoUr WoRsT nIgHtMaRe OdIn! *Claws at Odin's throat*

Odin: Haha!!! this tickles!

Loki: *Face palm*

Thor: *Pry's the cat off of his father*

The cat: *changes back to Raven* I have escaped from your prison "Daddy."

Odin: It seems you have my dear. But can you escape this? *Sends out guards with taser like things*

*They all taser Raven*

Loki: Odin stop this!

Odin: Never I'm enjoying this!

Loki: *goes at Odin with a tiny dagger*

Odin: Ahh Loki, cone here to give your father a hug are we?

Loki: I would never hug a mewling quim like you! *Stabs Odin in the shoulder*

Thor: Father! Brother how could you?! This is enough! *Grabs Mjonir (Probably spelled that wrong .-. Oh well)

Raven: Thor if you so as touch any one with that I will hurt you.

Thor: *slams hammer to the ground and everyone flies back*

Loki: Well Odin's unconscious as of many of the guards and wait where's Raven at?

Thor: I thought she would be like us is she not?

Raven: *Whimpering in pain*

Thor: Sister! I did not mean to hurt you! Are you ok?!

Raven: *Laying on the ground with blood on her* Yes you big oaf.

Loki: Well we have to get you back to Midgard so you can rest. *Picks her up*

Raven: Yeah this is at least a nice family moment huh?

Thor: Yes I believe it is, I believe it is. *all walk to the Bifrost and go back to Midgard.*

Tony: Someone's got daddy problems.

Clint: I'd say so.

Natasha: Yeah it's just like they were gone for an hour.

Steve: Thor where's your brother and sister at?

*Loki comes in and sets Raven on the couch*

Everyone else but Thor: O.O

Loki: Father issues. She needs to rest for know. *walks into other room*

Bruce: Heading out for Shawarma

*Everyone but Loki and Raven leave*

Raven: *Wakes up and sees note that said there going out for Shawarma* I wonder if I'm the only one here...* walks out to balcony and spots Loki*

Loki: I didn't think you'd wake up Miss Sleeping Beauty.

Raven: *looks up at the night sky* I just didn't think you'd be the nice one to save me like that.

Loki: *Laughs* I'd do anything for family.

Raven: But you wouldn't do it for Thor now would you?

Loki: No I suppose not but me and you were adopted.

Raven: But what difference does that make? At least you knew you had a family. I thought Odin was just making me be a better warrior.

Loki: No I knew I had people who just took me in, I knew nothing of love with them.

Raven: But Thor loved you. He loved you A LOT.

Loki: I know. But he isn't my real brother.

Raven: Just like how I'm not your real sister? *Tilts head to the side looking up at him*

Loki: *yawns* I suppose your right. I'm going to hit the hay. good night, sister. *Turns and leaves to his room*

Raven: *Turns and leaves to room* good night brother.

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