It's our Anniversary ~Freaky/Romantic~

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Ok yall so i was thinking that insteadof dedicating the imagine to you, i can dedicate it to which boy you choose. Since they all have wattpad accounts. Im still gonna tag you in it multiple times tho..... Anyways this imagine is for @Erica1111 for being the second to comment about one AND being a PERFECT reader of mine!!! Love you girl! Enjoy!

"That was sooo fun Ray. You always know how to show yo girl a good time." You say to your boyfriend Ray Ray after an amazing 5th anniversary night. He smiles his shy smile and pulls you against him, pecking your lips sweetly. 

"It aint over yet." He says, sneakily as you eye him with suspicion. "What you talkin bout boy?" You question as he unlocks the door to the penthouse apartment yall just moved into. 

"Nothin. Just go upstairs." He smirks before cutting on the lights. You take your heels off and start your journey to the bedroom for a bath, when you feel something other than the carpet under your feet!

You slowly look down and gasp as you lay eyes on the white and red rose petals leading upstairs to the room. "Ray...-" You begin but he stops you with a passionate kiss. You pull away, dazzled after eight seemingly endless seconds to find him staring down at you, his chocolate brown eyes burning into yours. "Bedroom. Now." He mumbles, then disappears into the kitchen. 

You touch your lips softly wondering how he can still do that. How he can make it feel like our first kiss all over again. As you reach the top stair, you find the petals leading to your bedroom door. You giggle and travel all the way down, slowly creaking open the door. 

What you see initially takes your breath away as you feel a tear trailing down your cheek. you glance around the room at candles, roses everywhere, and soft music playing in the background. Has he set the mood or what?

You hear your bedroom door creak one more time before shutting quietly as you turn around to face a now naked a bow covering the essentials. {Yall know i had to put some humor into it! Come on its Ray.. I HAD TO!} You try sooo hard not to laugh, but the stupid grin he has on his face has you in tears! 

He looks confused as you burst out laughing and fall back onto the bed with tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks. "Why is you laughing? This shit is sposed to be rom-an-tic!" He shouts with his Bonquisha voice which makes you laugh harder. "I can't. Ray are you my gift?" You ask, wiping the smudged makeup off your face. 

"Uhhh yassss." He says as he puts his hand on his hip. You shake your head and walk over to him, standing on your tippy toes and kissing him deeply. As the kiss grows more and more innapropriate, he walks you backwards onto your California King Bed. You moan as his warm hands travel under your peplum top. 

Your hands run into the wavy brown perfection that is his hair and run your fingernails into it. He slowly removes your top, bra, and pants in one swift move, leaving you in only your panties. He pulls away slowly, looking into your eyes and then down at your body. "You like or nahh?" You joke as he bites his lip and flips you on your front. 

"Rayyyyy quit teasing.." You whine as he kisses you all over your thighs and back, missing your spots completely on purpose. The dim light from provides you a limited visual of anything, except him, since your bodies are cuddled so close together. 

He removes your panties slowly with his teeth and kisses your clit over and over, making you wet asl. He rubs your clit softly, yet forcefully, giving it the most attention as you moan quietly. 

He plays with it at a steady rhythm as you slowly find yourself building up your release. You grip the sheets and bite down on your bottom lip to keep from giving in and moaning too loud,but all that ceases when he shoves his long ass tongue into you, making you squeal loudly and squirm. 

He tightly grabs your waist, letting you know to keep still as he puts in work on your cat. {Meow! Lmao hell nah!} 

You start rocking your hips to the beat of 'Ride' by SoMo {Thats my song!} He starts spelling out random things like 'popsicle' or 'french toast' as you look up at him. "Nigga are you hungry? Why you only spelling out food?" You question as he chuckles lowly, sending vibrations down there and chills throughout your body.

Your legs start to shake when he picks up speed and you moan loudly, informing him your about to come. He nods and just flicks faster as you completely lose it, releasing all of your juices. 

Your legs are still shaking from the orgasm you just had and your mind is completely blank as you go through the aftershocks. 

He disappears off of the bed for a minute then comes back with a condom in his hand. You roll your eyes playfully, then snatch the bow off of his area. You eye his member and get to thinking, did it get bigger from the last time? But your thoughts are again put to the back of your mind when he pulls you ontop of him.

You smile as your hair cascades down over you like a quilt, but you throw it to one side. 

This night just coulddnt get any better!


Heyyyy! ima make a part 2 to this soon, im tired asl right now, but i wanted you to know i aint forgot about you girl! S/O to @Erica1111! Follow her!

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