"Charlotte, hurry up you've been in there for an hour now!"

I knocked the door, my knuckles making a slight tune, and with every beat it brought more irritation to me. 

My hair was held up in a tight pony tail, filthy with dirt. Charlotte thought it would have been "exciting" if we "toured" the whole of California, Ha, As if! I convinced her that California was actually quite a miniature country, smaller than the media makes it look so i actually just showed her around the neighbourhood.

It was my fault that we went horse riding, and for some reason the horses seem to hate me! I've spent all my childhood drooling over these four legged demons, only now i'm realizing that if my dad actually got me a pony, seeing that I begged him endless times, it probably would of killedme if i even tried to comb it.

"Keep your knickers on!" She declared with her British accent, after a series of noise and movement she opened the door. Her thick, long blonde hair swished from side to side as she fixed back on her black high heels, as if she hadn't just been horse riding with possessed horses she sashayed back down to the guest room my dad had given her.

Oh how i envied her...and i hardly EVER envied anyone! It was always me people envied...

Charlotte is from London, she's basically my step-cousin from Natasha's side of the family. She visiting because us because she thinking of going to school here to study fashion, she she wants to check out the choices. No wonder i envy her, she knows exactly what she wants to do in her future...the only thing i've actually planned to do is eat the 3 day old granola bar in my back pack....don't judge me...

I rolled my eyes at my jealousy and closed the door behind me. My eyes wondered around the bathroom that now smelled of Victoria Secret. Had she used my perfume??? I then noticed the empty bottle on the bottle in the sink basin, Ugh! Really? That was a present from my Aunt Jasmine!


After i'd got out of the shower I trudged to mirror to dry my wet hair. I stopped in my tracks once i'd noticed the hair dryer was no where to be found, i sighed at the empty socket before making my way to the door, My feet stopped walking once i'd noticed something in the mirror.

I furrowed my eye brows, i must have been seeing things...it's just simply not possible...for me anyway. But it is always good to check. I slid back to the mirror and looked closer. A scream just about escaped my mouth before i covered my mouth with my palm.

A red pimple was securely placed on my chin, out of all the nauseating sights i've seen this by far has to be the worst!

I quickly rushed to my room and to find the pimple ointment that was stored in my cabinet, for some reason i've been so prepared for this occasion. 

I quickly raced to my room and ignored the point that Charlotte was in here. I quickly jumped at my cabinet and rummaged through it. It's not here! In it's place were a bunch of perfumes and makeup brushes and bags...who's is this??? 

"If you're looking for your creams and vaselines, i've thrown them out." She said scrolling through her tweets on my computer. 

I ignored her comment. "Where's my pimple ointment?!?" I blurted.

"Ointment?" She asked resisting the urge to laugh. "Must of thrown that out too." 

I sighed loudly so she could be aware of how annoying she was being at the moment and ran to my window to see the garbage truck pull out of our driveway. My mouth scrunched up into a scowl as my fist clenched on the window frame. 

"I swear Charlotte you're going to regret-" My sentence was cut when a camera flashed in my direction.

My eyes instantly wondered over to the window opposite mine, Jason.

He looked down at the camera hung over his shoulder and smiled with satisfaction at the picture he'd just taken. That little!

I quickly put on my bunny slippers just about ready to kill him. 

"Where are you off to, there's no way you'll catch that truck!" She laughed.

"Oh i'm not after that truck, i'm off to kill a bitch." I said through gritted teeth.

"Ooo i wanna come!" She said excitedly getting up from her seat and following out of my room, out of my house and into the dark night.

I hammered on the mahogany wood of his front door. About a second later it opened, and there he stood his brown jeans hung low below his waistline and he had a black sleeved top on. He had a half smirk plastered across his face, it made me sick...

"Wow, the queen her self." He grinned.

I ignored his statement as i observed him with complete hatred. "You know that picture you just took of me just a few minutes ago, yeah you need to delete that." I said abruptly.

"What? The one that shows the natural you, not the artificial you that people have to deal with every day?" He asked raising his eye brow.

I shook my head hating him more by the second. "You're such a pervert! Were you just like spying on me waiting for the moment to snap a picture?" I asked accusingly.

"Oh how did you know?" He smirked tilting his head to the side by the slightest. 

"Crystal stop being so rude!" Charlotte gasped from behind me. "I must say, you are really cute." She grinned flirtatiously. 


He winked at her. "I think you should listen to your beautiful friend over there." 

Her face practically turned red. I pretended to gag myself as i watched the both of them, as if having Charlotte stay here for a few months was bad enough. Now she's flirting with my enemy of a neighbour.

"I didn't come here to watch two 'lovebirds' bluntly flirt with one another ok?" I addressed the both of them. "Now, Jason you need to delete your photo or i will personally make sure your life at Bridge View High a living hell." I said taking a step closer to him.

The smug smirk still remained on his face as he stepped closer to me, so close it was uncomfortable i could smell the ice tea from his breath.

"Is that a threat, queen b?" He muttered against my face.

"I guess you could say so." I smirked alongside him.

He sighed and stepped back. "Fine, i'll delete it." He shrugged, the smirk instantly disappear and was replaced with a serious expression.

"What?" I asked, hoping i hadn't ruined my chances.

"You heard me, i'll delete it." He repeated speaking as if it hurt him to say so.

"But you-"

"What, do you not want me to delete it?  He asked raising an eye brow.

"No it's just that...you gave in pretty quick." I said looking at him with confusion.

"Unlike you, i don't play games and beat around bushes." He grinned taking a grip on the handle on his door. "You ladies have a good night, especially you." He winked at Charlotte nearly sending her swooning.

I had the slightest feeling....that this was not over...

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