one life

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One Life
song used: One Life by Justin Bieber

so girl
you just be honest with me, I know we can make this work
I love you

"Mmm, Justin, stop," Selena giggled, her hands tangled in Justin's messy hair as she felt his lips on her neck.
"Why baby? I know you love it," Justin grinned, not moving his head away from her neck.
The girl rolled her eyes, shoving Justin off her body, laughing at the pouty face he gave her.
"What was that for?" he whined, crossing his arms.
She winked at him, positioning herself again on Justin's bed. "I want to fix our relationship."
"And we can't do that without having fun?" Justin murmured, sliding his arm around her waist, his head kissing her shoulders.
Selena giggled again, brushing him off. "I'm trying to fix this relationship, not that relationship." He chuckled, sitting up straight and leaning on the backboard next to Selena.
"So how are we going to fix this?"
"Well, first off, we have to get to know each other even more. Let's play 20 questions."
Justin shrugged, nodding. "Okay, you first."
"Hmm," Selena sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder. "When did you have your first kiss?"
He shot an eyebrow at her, who just smiled up at him. "8th grade. You?"
"I forgot exactly, but around young, because of tv. Your turn."
"What's your favorite desert?"
"Justin.." Selena groaned, smacking his chest.
"It's supposed to be relationship questions!"
"Well, no one told me."
Selena just shook her head, giggling.
"Fine um.." Justin thought, feeling Selena rest back down against his arm. "What's your dream guy?"
"A singer, guitarist, and his name has to be Justin Bieber."
Justin grinned at her, locking lips with the smiling actress. "And my dream girl has to be Selena Gomez."
"Okay, my turn.. Who's your first real girlfriend?"
Once the words processed through his brain, he turned pale. "Uh-uh. She was um, an old friend."
Selena sat up, turning her body around to face him. "Who?"
"You don't know her.."
"I don't have to. You seem nervous, like you're trying to hide something from me. Who is it?"
"Selena, babe, please-" He reached out for the girl, but she jerked away.
"Don't 'babe please' me Justin, until you tell me who it is."
"Why are you getting so upset?"
"And why are you being so secretive?"
Justin remained calm, as his easily angered girlfriend turned redder and redder. "Selena, just calm down. I'll tell you, but please, promise me you won't get mad."
The Hispanic sat up straight, nodding. "Fine."
Justin took in a deep breath. "Okay.. She's famous now too, and you know her.."
She tried to act patient, her teeth gritted together and her head slowly bobbed up and down.
"It's," Justin's voice got quieter. "Ariana."
"Ariana? Ariana what?" Selena's anger was slowly rising, and she got off the bed. "Ariana what?!"
"You promise you won't get mad," Justin said in a knowing voice, watching her every movement. She stood by the edge of the bed, her hair messy, and one hand on her hips.
"Yeah, but Ariana what?!" She slammed her other hand on the bed. Justin rolled his eyes at how childish she was acting. He tried to grab her arms to pull her back down on the bed, but she raised her arms, like she was going to slap him. "Don't touch me! Tell me what Ariana!"
Justin looked down at his hands. He said quietly, "Ariana Grande."

I know that you afraid, babe
but you don't need to be saved, babe
you just need someone who understands
and I think I need the same, babe

Selena was surprisingly silent for a while. She stood there, mouth slightly agape, staring at Justin. He cautiously positioned himself, making sure he was ready just in case she started hitting him.
"Ariana.. Grande?"
He nodded slowly.
"Like.. Cat Valentine, Ariana Grande?"
Justin nodded again, eyeing Selena's every move. She was acting calm. That was weird and very unusual.
"Ariana Grande.. the girl that you kissed on the cheek at the Tampa meet and greet?!" Selena yelled, knocking down everything that was on his bedside counter onto the ground.
Yep, there you go. That's the crazy Selena that was missing.
He quickly got off the bed, backing the girl away from the bed. "Selena, calm down, please."
"I can't fucking calm down! Why did I not know of you and Ariana? I heard of you and Caitlin but not Ariana?"
"Because-" Justin groaned, one hand holding on her arm and the other running through his hair. "We didn't want anyone to know. It was a long time ago and-"
"It doesn't matter, you should have still told me!"
Selena raised her arm to slap him, but he grabbed it before her hand came in contact with his face.
"You really want to do that Selena?" he whispered, glaring at the shorter girl. She rolled her eyes at him, yanking her wrist out of his grip.
"I can't believe you. You went out with Ariana and you never fucking told anyone! Not even me!"
"And why would I, huh? It's not like you tell me everything!" Justin burst out yelling, his face turning red. Selena jumped a little at his sudden outburst. "Me and Ariana are done, we're over! We're just close friends, and that's it! We dated years ago, but now we're not and I'm dating you!"
Selena scoffed, pulling out of Justin's arms that was holding her back. She grabbed her jacket from his chair and stormed out of the room, her footsteps stomping down the stairs echoing throughout the empty house.
"Where are you going?" Justin yelled out the bedroom door.
"Home! We're through!' Selena backed, and a moment later, he heard the front door slam close.
"Argh!" Justin screamed, slamming the door closed behind him. He sat on the end of the bed, running a hand down his face.
A ton of questions ran through his mind. What if Selena starts telling everyone? What if everyone finds out now? What would the fans think? What would the fans do to Ariana? What would Ariana think?
Justin bit his lip, closing his eyes. He knew he didn't have any answers to any of these questions, but he did know one thing. He needs to talk to her before Selena does.

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