You're a girl

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"But you're a girl" Coach said

"Wow. How extremely sexist of you" I replied,

"I meant, most girls prefer to cheer or do their nails, I need to be sure that you won't make friends with girls who will drag you away from Lacrosse."

"Coach, I will dedicate my time to Lacrosse, like I have for the past few years. Beside, I dont have any female friends"

"Well...I'll see you at practice, see how good you are. Might aswell give you a shot."

I grinned and thanked him, I walked out of the office, expecting to see Isaac there, but there was no one. Well, what did I expect? Him to drop everything for me? I couldnt expect that from anybody. I reached into my bag and pulled out my timetable. I had Chemistry.

I reached the class and as I walked in I got a lot of stares. I mean, I cant be that interesting.

"I'm assuming you are Miss Argent...take a seat on the front table. This is the only time I will excuse your tardiness." The teacher said.

Wow. What a dick.

I sat down at the front table, where there were two boys. Both had brown hair, except ones hair was more shaggy than the others, I smiled at them and started picking at my nails. I felt awkward, like I was intruding.

"You're an Argent?" The one with the slightly longer hair asked.

"Yeah, Why?"

"What's your first name?"

"Isobel, who are you two?"

"I'm Scott, this is related to Allison?"

"Scott, you're her boyfriend...aren't you?"

"We broke up"

"No you didn't. You were round the other night, Allison sometimes she forgets that I spend most of my time in the time, be quiet"

Scott went red and Stiles started laughing. I turned away from them and started paying attention in the class, if I was going to pass this semester, I was going to need to stop discussing my sister and her secret boyfriends sex life and start paying attention to the pH scale and other chemistry related subjects.

The class dragged on, but finally, it was over. I grabbed my stuff and walked out, I looked at my timetable, I had a free period. I started walking towards my locker when Stiles rushed infront of me.

"Isobel! Scott asked me to ask you to not tell your parents" He said

"If I was going to tell them, I would have already. But Allison is in love. We might not of gotten on very well, but I'm not going to ruin her life like that" I replied, and pulled out my gear from my locker.

Stiles stood there in silence.

"Stiles? Do you know anyone called Peter Hale?"

"I did, he died the same day as your aunt..he has a Nephew though."

"He does? Whats his name?"

"Derek Hale" He replied.

I thought for a second, I'd have to go see him.

I reached the changing rooms and got into my joggers and t-shirt, I put my trainers on and reached the field. I saw coach with a bunch of guys. Who included Scott, Stiles and also Isaac.

"Ah, nice for you to finally make it. Now you're here, we can start." Coach said, looking over to me. He explained what we were doing, and he passed me some equipment, I got into position, and began playing, to determine whether I'd play or not. The guys were making it too easy though, I might've played with an all girls team before, but they played much rougher than these bunch. So I stopped.

"Argent. Why have you stopped?" Coach yelled

"Probably too scared of breaking a nail" A guy with blonde hair said.

"I could say the same for all you lot, There is no way, guys like all of you can play this pathetically. I'm sure coach will agree with me, when I say you're playing like a bunch of girls. The girls team I played with in my old school were better than you. If this is the type of team I'm playing with I might aswell just expect to win games by myself. Man up and stop acting like you're going to break a nail" I huffed.

I heard claps from the side of the field and looked to see Allison, Lydia, Coach and some dark haired guy, who was standing with some blonde, clapping.

"Argent, you've made the team, you can all go now" Coach said.

I beamed proudly and made my way to Allison.

"Congrats Iz!" She squealed and hugged me.

"Thanks" I smiled, Allisons happy expression fell as I felt a hand tap my shoulder. I turned to see the dark haired guy, flanked by Blondie and Isaac.

"Great speech. I'm Derek Hale" Derek said.

I raised my eyebrow. This was Derek Hale? I expected some nerdy sophomore.

"Isobel Argent. and Thanks" I said.

"Can we talk, privately?" Derek asked

"No, I need to go. Oh and Isaac, thank you for waiting for me earlier. It was great to get lost" I said and turned on my heel to leave with Allison.

I wasn't going to talk to Derek until I had something to say. At the moment, there was nothing to say.

Nothing except I hope your uncle rots in the ground, the filthy murderer.

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