Chapter 5: Love Bites (part 2)

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5: Love Bites

Part two

Hayley's P.O.V:

Sitting around all alone at a party was not fun. I was mainly thinking about Shawn, I missed him so damn much!

I decided to go over my thoughts somewhere private.

I was sitting in the kitchen where it seemed like booze everywhere... But I was alone. Until a girl was slammed against the wall with a guy ripping her shirt off.

"Ehh, guess this place isn't just for cooking..." I say cringing my face

"Whaa the fuck are you talking about?" The guy said barely finishing his sentence

"Nothing" I say and found a bathroom... Hopefully there's no one in here.


When I returned to the party, almost everything was the same but I saw Cameron sitting alone outside... And Callie was gone!

"Abby! Where is Callie?" I pull her away from dancing with Nash

"What are you talking about?" She questions

"Callie's gone..."

"What?! We need to find her!"

I nod to her and then tell her to get the twins and Nash.

Then I go outside to see what Cameron was doing.


"She doesn't like me."



"Oh you don't know that... And speaking of Callie, where is she?"

"She ran somewhere, but it was too dark to see where she went."

"Okay... Well you look like crap, let's get you inside and clean you up... Then you can help with finding Callie."

He was half sober, and his face was covered in tears. I guess he really wanted Callie to like him back... Poor guy.


Coming back inside I see everyone was just wasted to the max and then my friends waiting for me at the door.

"Why are you guys standing there at the door?"

They open the door and before I knew it, I was being held by the love if my life, Shawn.



"I missed you so much!"

"I did t--" he says... But I just cut him off because I needed to feel his soft lips on mine again.

"Aww!" Charly yells in my face

Shawn and I decided to go back to my house to catch up with him... But I completely forgot about Callie.

I told Abby, Nash and the twins, I'll talk to them later and told the twins to clean up Cam.


Callie's P.O.V:

I wake up to find I'm laying on my face on the floor of my bedroom.

"What the hell!" I yell

"What's a matter honey?" My dad asks all confused

"Oh nothing.. I guess it was just a dream..." I say confused as well

"Must of been a crazy one... You ended up on the floor!" He jokes

"Uhh yeah"

"Okay... Well your not going to breakfast looking like that..."


"Yeah... With the twins? And Abby and like your whole little group thing you got going on.. I don't know what you kids call it these days!" He says while walking out and laughing to himself

Okay then....

"Oh! I got it... Your posse!" My dad comes running in yelling

"Oh okay dad calm down"

"CALLIE!!" Charly yells from the kitchen I would think... "Get yah ass up"

"Yeah let's go... I'm starving, hurry it up in there." Shea adds in

"Okay! I'm sorry!"

I quickly get up but only to fall down again... The gash!

I look at it and start to gag again... It was real!

If the dream was real... How did I get back? And what was chasing after me?

I had so many questions that I needed to find the answers to... I get up and stand on my good leg

"Why was my side aching so much?" I thought

I hoped over to my bathroom to hop in the shower... As I began to undress I notice huge teeth marks on the side of my stomach...

"What the hell?!"


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