Painting Love (Exo Beakhyun)

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No one is alone, because there is always someone there.



Uni's POV

The tree's were rustling and the rain was pouring, leaves fell and fluttered like snowflakes.
I was reading my book until something hit my window, i looked outside and saw my friend yoona. I opened up my window to see what she was saying.

"Aiish, you could've rang the bell y'know" i said pouting. "I know, but i have to tell you something! and it's very, very important!" She said yelling.

"Bo? Okay come inside, i don't want you to catch a cold!" i said worried.


She came inside and sat on the couch. " I don't know how to say this, but you have to come to china with me." she said looking at me with peircing eyes. "Excuse me? My grandma need's me, and i need her, she's very sick and you know it. Plus why the heck would i go to china with you?!" i said intensly mad.

"I understand the state your going through, but you Have to come to china with me! You know what we did, and we have to face the consequences for it.." she said as her voice trailed off.

"wait hold on, what did we do wrong?? what consequences? what are you talking about?!" i said shouting. 

"remember the day day you almost killed that guy?!" she said yelling back with fury. "which guy? i don't remember at all! stop making up these Bitchy lies. i said  shoving her off the couch.

"She said you wont remember.." she said with a heavy sigh. "excuse me? remember what? Oh wait, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, WILL YOU?" i said yelling on the top of my lungs. i just couldn't take it anymore, i felt like breaking her face right now. she know's what i'm going through, she know's what happened to me, but still. she can't support me. only make up lies.

she stood up and walked towards me, she came so close that we were just a few inches apart. she glared at me, then spoke "You should control that big hell of a temper you got there, next thing you know, you'll end up almost killing someone else." she said smirking.

"I dont know what you talking about! get out!" i said shoving her out the door.

"Just remember, there coming after you..." she said as i closed the door on her. tears were filling up in my eyes. she's my best friend, how can she betray me like this, making up those lies..She used me like the rest of the world did.

Who am i going to cry on? who am i gonna discuss this with? my grandmas in the state of dying....i can't disturb her with my foolish and un nessicary life. 

Briiinnnggg, Brrrriinnngggg. the phone start ringing. i went and picked it up. "H-hello?" i said studdering. 

[Why are you studdering?] said a creepy voice. i can tottaly tell someone was faking that voice to be un identified. 

"Who are you and what do you want? who gave you my number?!" i said yelling.

[Annyeong, i'm kris from EXO speaking] his voice became normal. 

"W-Who?" i said scared.

[Ah, i guess you forgot many things, eh?] he said chuckling.

"I-i'm going to hang up now..i cant speak to people i dont know.." i said trembling. why are people keep on mentioning me forgetting stuff? Last week, my teacher said the same thing.

[Okay, but listen to your friend yoona, and go to china, or something bad will happen to you!"] he said almost yelling.

I hung up on him. This guy is crazy, he's probably one of yoona's body gaurds or something. 

DING DONG. the doorbell rang. i got up and took small steps towords the door. i looked to see who it was a guy with very dark eyeliner on, he was carrying a bouqet of roses in his hand. i opened the door an inch. "W-who are y-you and what do you want?" i said with my voice starting to act up. " Oiiii? you don't remember me? Aww that's a shame.." he said forcing a smile. "I-i don't know who you are..Just GO AWAY!." i said screaming. i shut the door, and made sure it was locked shut. He rang the bell countless times, but left since i wasn't going to answer the door.

I was in tears now, sobbing with every memory i had today. something wans't right! something was up, i needed to know..

Ayyyeee, this was the first page to my story, i hope y'all enjoyed it ;3 i'l update very soon, i also have other exo fanfics you can read ^-^

Love Yerin-ah <3

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