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As Liam left with Alice, Chantal went on a drive, to get away from everything. As she drove rain started pouring, it started out little rain, drizzles until it was heavily pouring. The windshield wipers were barely doing a good job, Chantal had been crying due to the fact she was thinking back about what had happened with Liam, she reached down to grab a Kleenex to wipe her tears with, the rain was pouring heavily so she barely reacted when the truck crashed right into her Mercedes. She wasn't let down easily though, even though she was wearing a seat belt, she was thrown right out of the car window and slammed onto the pavement. Everyone rushed out of their cars and crowded around her. She wondered if this was her last moment as she thought, 'I'm tired, I'm getting weaker every day, I'm sick and tired of all of this, I'm drowning and he's stealing every breath, just take me away.' She slowly closed her eyes to the sound of sirens in the distance. As soon as they came to a red light, Alice received a call from an unknown number.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Yes, do you know Chantal Mintora?" The female voice asked.

"Yes, she's my sister why?" Alice questioned. 

"We're sorry mam, she got into a car accident on fifth avenue, we need you to come down to the hospital immediately."

Alice dropped the phone as the female voice kept asking if she was still there. Alice was frozen. Liam was confused

"What happened?" He asked.

"C-Chantal, car accident." She whispered as the tears slowly made their way down both her and Liam's face. He looked out the window and thought how stupid he was for telling her he didn’t want her. He was always going to want Chantal. She's the love of his life and he already could tell she was the one. They got to the hospital and pulled into a parking spot. They both practically ran into emergency.

"Chantal! My sister Chantal, where is she?" Alice asked in a frantic tone.

"Mrs. Mintora?" She asked to make sure it was her.

"Yes yes!" She said.

"She is in surgery. I don’t know how long." She said. She was looking at them with pity. Like something horrible happened.

"Is she ok? What happened?" Liam asked her.

"She got hit by a drunk driver. Her car went flying in the air, she went throught the window." She said. That's all it took for Liam to break. They didn't even make it near the waiting room, Liam fell to his knees right in front of the desk and cried. He cried and cried and cried. As if it was going to make Chantal come back to him. They seemed to have been waiting for about two hours in the waiting room.

"Mr. Payne and Mrs. Mintora?" A doctor asked.

"Here!" Alice said and the doctor nodded and walked over to them.

"How is she?" Liam asked.

"Sir. She… when she went through the window she hurt her head really bad. She is alive but she is in a coma. She might not wake up." The doctor said.

Liam looked at the doctor and shook his head. Tears started rolling down his cheeks and he ran his hand through his hair.

"You can go see her." He said while giving them the room number.

"You go ahead. I'll wait here." Alice said patting him on the back and sitting back down. Liam nodded and walked into Chantal's room. The mintue he saw her he started crying even more. He sat down next to her bed and held her hand.

"Chantal, if you're there, just listen to me. You don't understand how horrible I felt that night when I watched you run out the door. You don't understand how shitty I felt when I knew that I was the reason for the tears you shed. You're so beautiful. You're too beautiful to have tears in your eyes or even a frown on your face. I'm so sorry. You keep me strong and up and I just love you so fucking much. I can't bear to live without you. Please. Please come back to me." He was cut off by his own voice cracking.


Ten days. It's been ten days since Chantal has been emitted into the hospital. She has yet to wake up and it's driving Liam mental. He's scared that one day he will just see her heart rate stop and that she'll be gone forever. And he can't doing anything about it. Today was the same as the other nine days as he sat next to the hospital bed Chantal was sleeping on. Liam held onto her hand tightly, promising never to let go just as Rose had done in the Titanic. But she had let go but he doesn't plan to. The door opened and Liam turned to see the doctor and Alice in the door way. They gave Liam a warm smile and walked over to him.

"Has she moved or anything?" the doctor asked. Liam shook his head 'no' sadly.

"She seems okay. Her heart is beating at a healthy rate. What confuses me is why she has yet to wake up." The doctor walked out with Alice as she went to fill out paper work. Liam's eyes filled with tears. What was he to do? Chantal wouldn't wake up and it was his fault. If only he hadn't acted the way he did. She would still be here. She would still be alive. She would be next to him, cuddled up and just laughing. But no. Instead, Liam's crying and she's asleep in a hospital bed. Liam was pulled out of his sobs when he felt a hand squeeze his. Liam looked up to see Chantal's bright blue eyes looking at his.

"Liam," She whispered. Liam let out a happy sob and nodded. Chantal laughed at how happy he looked.

"Are you okay?" She asked him, sitting up. "Now that you're awake, of course I am." He answered leaning down and kissing her forehead.

And just like that, everything seemed like it was going to be okay.

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