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{Chapter 8: Training}

I walked out of my fathers office and closed the door behind me. I ignored Hansel and started walking to the elevator. We walked in silence, the tension building up. Why him?! He just had to be the leader of the Royal Army didn't he?! This obstacle is just what I needed in my life, note the sarcasm. We stopped in front of the elevator and waited for it, his intense gaze burning into the side of my face. Talk about awkward.

The doors dinged open and we stepped in. I pressed the button for the first floor and gulped when I felt breathing on my neck.

"Why did you leave this morning without giving me my good morning kiss," Hansel whispered lowly, so the cameras wouldn't catch a word he said. I turned around and stepped around him and remained silent.

"This isn't the correct place to talk about this," I whispered back looking down so that the cameras wouldn't be able to catch my lips moving. Hansel nodded, and the doors dinged open. I looked at my watch and groaned, shit I'm late!

"Hurry!" I shouted at Hansel and started sprinting towards the Training and Weaponry room. Hansel caught up effortlessly and we both stopped in front of the double doors. I opened the doors and strolled in.

Immediately, 178 men lined up in rows rose. They stood up straight, feet spread apart, their hands behind their back, and their heads bowed down in respect.

"Wow," Hansel said amazed as he looked around the huge room. I smiled proudly and started pacing in front of my army.

"Gentlemen, we have a surprise guest this afternoon! Meet Mr. Sulkin, he will be assisting us these next few months and help me train you all," I said gesturing towards Hansel.

"Hello, my name is..." Hansel began and I zoned out, finally taking in his appearance. His black hair was rustled and messy. He wore black pants and a white button up, the shirt emphasizing his wide chest and muscular arms. His strong jaw line with little stubble suited him. Wow, I really did hit the jackpot last night, such a shame I couldn't remember most of it... I sighed.

I walked to the far left corner, where I had left Benjamin's body. I smiled as I saw the body in the exact same place and couldn't contain my laughter as I saw the markings on his face. Apparently, my men had gotten bored and they treated Benjamin like a drawing pad.

They drew him glasses, a black beard and mustache, and some red circle cheeks. I laughed and everyone turned to look at me. Hansel walked towards me and froze once he saw his partner's limp body on the floor.

Hansel grew mad. "Who did this?!" he barked.

I raised my hand and looked him in the eyes, "That would be me. Well I paralyzed him, I don't know yet who drew on him."

Hansel bent down to check his pulse.

"Relax, he's not dead," I said looking down at my nails. Hansel sighed and looked up at me, expecting me to take charge and punish anyone that could be held responsible for drawing on his friend.

I sigh, rolling my eyes, "Fine."

I turn to face my army, "Who drew on this man's face?"

Jason and Rodrick stepped forward with their heads down. I walk towards them and pause in front of them. The room is silent, Hansel is staring at me expectantly, and the two men in front of me are hoping their punishment isn't too harsh.

I start clapping.

"Very good job on the artistic skills," I start laughing. My men start chuckling under their breaths.

"Really? That's it?! You're congratulating them?!" Hansel said, annoyed. I glared at him.

"Of course not!" I shout, the room silences down. "On a normal occasion, these two," I said pointing at Jason and Rodrick, "would receive a punishment, and they will, but seeing as I don't like you or your friend, I want to congratulate them before they hear their punishment."

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