Author's Note

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Yes, this book is finished. It's not so good, but I'm going to work on editing it, so anything that you might have to tell me would be very appreciated. Any mistake you saw, hint, or tip would be very useful to me.

But anyway, as you might have noticed My King is the first book in a trilogy called The Lake Stone Trilogy. I have written the second one, and it is posted. Here is the synopsis:

The Blue Desert

"Everyone deserves a home where they have someone that they love with them."

Valhanan is the eldest daughter of Eada and the king of Vasda. Since before her birth she was promised in marriage to the Vasdin, the general of her father's army. But only when she turns fifteen does she learn of it. No matter how much she and her mother beg King Spyre to break the engagement, he will not.

As the eldest daughter, Anan is closer to her mother than any of her other children. She was raised with stories of her mother's country and her family there. She dreams of travelling to visit the beautiful Tria, but now she realizes those dreams are unrealistic. Until her mother gives her a chance to escape the undesirable marriage.

Anan must travel out of Vasda; must leave her home forever to find a safe haven in the palace of Tria with Eada's brother the emperor. But ever since the king of Vasda betrayed the emperor, there has been no contact between the two countries. Could they ever believe that Anan is the daughter of their beloved empress? And even if they could, would they ever accept her?

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