Luhan finds out but does everyone else?

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Baekhyun's POV

2 days later

So...Zoey had given birth to Eun Hee a beautiful little girl but she was 3-4 months premature so she had to stay in hospital for observation. Honey, Lily, Xiumin and I came home while everyone else was still at the hospital, we came home to get Tao and Zoey new clothe because they hadn't been home in 2 days. Lily said to me and Xiumin "Right, guys what we need to do is Baekhyun you go and get them new clothes" she said while pointing to me and then pointed to Xiumin and said "Babe, your helping me get baby stuff for Min-seo, Bae and yang while Honey makes sandwiches and gets snacks together because i ain't eating any of that crappy hospital food". So we did as we were told by Lily and went back to the hospital, while we were walking through the hallway we saw Brooklyn and Luhan talking to each other, because the conversation they were having looked important/serious we just left them to it. we went into the room and I asked "How's she doing guys" then Tao said "She's fine thanks" we all sat down eating our food and every time the nurse came in to see how Eun Hee was and how Zoey was we had to hide it and refuse the things that she was offering to give us. 

Luhan's POV 

Brooklyn and I were out in the hallway and we had just seen Honey,Lily,Xiumin and Baekhyun walk past, we were talking about us on day having a child and we were also talking about the stuff that might happen like the baby might have a disability or it might die, this is what we were worrying about, after we talked about all of that Brooklyn started to walk to the baby room and i quickly pulled her back an said "what are you hiding from me, i know that you said to wait until we get home but it's obvious that we aren't going home for a while so please tell me" i demanded while looking at her expression on her face it was shocked but apologetic at the same time. She turned around and said to me "Do you really want to know?" "Yes i do" i said to her in a calm, caring, loving voice then she came out with it "Luhan........I-I-I-I-I-I-M-M-M-M- i'm pregnant with your baby, and i'm 6 months that's why im fat, HELLO!!!!! didn't you think at one point" then i looked at her startled then she walked back in after giving me a big hug and a kiss.

Tao's POV 

Zoey and I were sat in the room next to Eun Hee's incubator praying that she would be OK, then i looked at the heart monitor on the machine and it suddenly dropped from being 95 to 45 so i shouted as loud as i could "SOMEONE GET A NURSE QUICK" "W--hhyyy what's wrong?" Zoey said to me looking more worried than ever. I looked at her then at Ricky and said to him "Take her to calm down please i will talk to the nurse" so he took her out with force because she was holding onto everything that she could trying to stay next to her baby. She was out of the room and the Nurse took Eun Hee into theatre while she was in theatre i walked out to give Zoey a hug and say 'everything is going to be OK' but i couldn't because i didn't know anything but i still went out and hugged her and I didn't let her go until the nurse was back with the results. After 30 minutes of pain the nurse came back to all of us a said "Hi, my name is Chung Ae now let's see" she says while looking at files " aaaahhhhh yes here we go, are you two the parents of Eun Hee" "Yes we are i'm Tao and this is my wife Zoey." i said while shaking her hand because i was still hugging Zoey. "Now the reason why we had to take Eun Hee into theatre immediately was because she had shortage of breath, you see because she is premature her lungs having full grown yet to the size that they should be when the baby is born naturally they are a tiny bit smaller, and.. well... long story short we just have to keep an eye on her until she is fully grown" Chung Ae says with a smile on her face "thank you for your time i will be in later on the see how she is doing". While she walks away i shout "thank you for your help, then we all go back into see Eun Hee and the poor thing had wires sticking out everywhere.

That night

Lay's POV 

It was 9 o'clock and Tao and Zoey said that if we wanted we could go home, so we all went home and got something to eat and sat outside as it was a nice and warm night. Because Xiumin, Lily, Honey and Sehun were very tired they almost fell off their chairs but before they did they realised what they were doing and decided to go to bed. After they went to bed we didn't do much all we did was talk about the baby and found out that.....................


Hi, Sorrry that this bit isn't that good but i wrote it at 12.15 so i was out of fresh ideas, sorry if it doesn't make any sense.

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