Chapter 5: chocolate and roses at reach

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''morning'' josh said to me.


''I was called .... I need to go back to law school'' he said with a sad tone.

''Don't go stay here''

''I can't'' I have to leave now.. I'de taught I come to tell you before I leave''

car horns were heard from the streets.

''thats leon my friend he came for me, bye then''

''bye'' I said as he dissapeared out of my room.

I slowly woke up and walked to the kitchen I had some tea while I was still in my night dress when my phone rang.


'' Hi natalie it's me Niall''

''hey Niall''

''I was wondering do you want to come to my house or I come to your house today?''

''You can come to my house now if you want too''

''ok then I'll dress and come over''

'' see you then''

''see you bye''


I quickly went and changed. I waited for Niall to come. He only had a five minute walk from his house to my house.I waited for three quarters but no one arrived. I was starting to worry. I hope Niall's okay.




Yey she accepted.I put on a shirt and jeans as my phone rang.


''Niall who were you with last night?'' Linda said.Oh no!Helen told Linda that I was at the cafeteria with Natalie.

''Em I was at home I didn't go out last night''

''Don't lie to me I know that you were with Natalie helen told me!''

''ok so I so her at the shop and went to talk to her nothing happened''

''Niall she's a nerd and I hate her!''

''At least she's kinder than you are!''

''Niall sh-''

''Linda you're the meanest girl I ever met! Natalie has done nothing to you! leave her alone!''

''Niall I would becareful when you're talking to me!'' she treatened me.

''No,I won't infact we're over!Bye!'' I said as I hung up on Linda.

After I left the house.


 Natalie's POV

''When's Niall coming it's been over an hour!'' I said as someone knocked on the door.

I opened my door and there I found Niall. He didn't look very happy.

''hey Niall''

''hey. Sorry I took so long.'' he said with no kind of smile on his face what so ever.

''It's ok.Come in. Are you ok Niall, you don't look so good?''

''Yeah I'm I'm ok''

''no Niall you're not I can tell''

''I...I broke up with Linda'' he confessed.

''yey'' Did I just laugh beacause of his brake up seriosly! '' I meant I'm sorry for you''

''Don't pretend to be sorry... I'm happy without her''

''Wait what? then why do you look so sad?''

''I never liked her she's always so mean to everyone especially you''

''If you never liked her than why did you date her?''

''Well she used to pick on me she said she would stop if i date her so I gave it a try''

''Oh I see than you broke up beacauseyou don't like her''

''That and she's always mean to everyone''

''I don't want to go to school now!She's going to start picking on me again''

''This time you have me by your side''

''I guess'' he said as he smiled.



''Niall I never knew I'd see you with a help group.''

''I never taught I see you'' he replied.

''why were you there?''

''I-I cut, unfortunately, you?''


''Linda, looks nice to me when we're at school but when I go home she starts calling me names and stuff, guys say I'm lame and stuff...''

''You're not lame!''

''stop lying''

''I'm not lying it's true you're cool''

''If I searched the world I wouldn't find a girl like you''

''I think I love yo- nothing nothing!''



Chapter 6 on the way Yey!

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