Chapter Three: Drama

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Dani's P.O.V


I shove 'dad' off Dan. He looks at me with a fuming, drunk face. I notice mom in the corner video taping. 'Dad' lifts his hand to slap me when the police burst the door in. "Mister and Misses Howell, your coming with me. You kids go with  the Sheriff over there for questioning." He demands. Wait.. "Sir! Wait you know Carrie and Gemma Fletcher? I know where they are!" I tell the Sheriff as I help Dan up. "You do!? Guide me there!" He picks the unconscious Dan up and carries him to the car. "Go to 2046 London Street, their in the basement." I guide him. (not a real address!) Minutes later we arrive. Your welcome Carrie and Gemma.


Carrie's P.O.V


I hear a bunch of ruckus down stairs before the door is burst down and a police man is standing where the door was. "Girls, your coming with me to the police station." He says. Who called!? Me and Gemma stand up and run to him.


Dan's P.O.V


I feel myself being carried and laid down. Next I feel moving. Am I in a car? "Hey, Dan were safe now." my sister's soft, broken voice whispers in my ear, right before I fall asleep.


Phil's P.O.V


  I walk out to the police car and climb on the front. The first thing I notice is some whimpering from the back. I look and the mirror and see Dani sitting with a  beaten boy version of her laying his head on her. "Danielle?"

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