Chapter three: I'll Find Out

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Chapter 3: I'll Find Out


It's the end of the week on Friday. Next Friday I would have to go to Aaron's party.

It has been a week of Andrew not being at school.

Today it is really sunny, just like Monday, so I walked again.

I made a small braid on the left side of my head. Something different today.

Today is only a little different, because my mom will be coming home at her normal time today. Maybe today can be really different if Andrew shows up.

I'm starting to question myself. I really don't know why I care. The only reason I can think is that I just do, and all the other reasons I told my friends.

When I got to school today, I found my friends not at the benches. I walked around the school, and found them at a different spot. They were by a small hill behind our school.

I busted out laughing.

I saw Angela looking down at Levy, shaking her head in disapproval as Levy rolled down the hill.

I ran up to Angela still laughing, and when I got over to Angela and she saw that I saw laughing, she laughed too. We laughed until the muscles in our faces started to hurt and our stomachs ached. It can really hurt to laugh sometimes.

"What's she doing?" I asked Angela, still laughing.

"When we got here, Levy jumped up out of the car and ran straight to the hill and started rolling down it. I have no idea why. I never do. I chased after her, so that's why I'm here watching her be some kind of weird dog." Angela rolled her eyes, but she was smiling in amusement.

"How Levy like" I said, and we laughed again. We looked over at Levy and she continuously rolled down the hill. She got up and walked clumsily up the hill and rolled down again, and at one point she got too dizzy and she started crawling up the hill.

"C'mon," I said after a few minutes. "We're gonna be late for class."

Levy got up and she walked towards us like a drunk person. She practically was. She is all crazy like usual and she's walking around clumsily. I laughed at the thought and Angela laughed, too. Levy's yellow shirt and denim shorts were a little messed up, and she had a few Dandelions, flowers and pieces of grass in her messy hair.

"Well, well" Aaron said. He walked by and saw Levy. "What happened to you, Missy?" He asked as he put a hand on her shoulder to 'steady her'.

"That hill looked roll-able," Levy said. "So why not roll on it?!"

"Roll-able, eh? Sounds fun. You have some grass in your hair. And flowers. Funny. Flowers on a beautiful flower." Aaron started picking out the grass and fixing her hair, but put one flower behind her ear, and made a bouquet with some of the flowers and handed it to her. He really knew how to be sweet. "Here, flower."

Levy blushed. She's been blushing a lot lately. "Thank you."

"I need to ask you something..." Aaron told Levy, and he grabbed her hand gently and walked her over to one of the single benches next to a tree. He was acting all gentlemen like.

Angela and I sat down on a bench and watched them. We couldn't hear anything, but what we saw was him give her a charming smile with his good teeth as he talked to her, and Levy's smile got bigger and bigger by the second. After about two minutes, that's when we heard something.

Levy screamed, making Aaron smile and laugh, and Levy yelled "yes, yes, yes, yes!" Aaron smiled, told her a few more sentences after that and then Levy gave him a huge hug and he returned it. Levy then made it so that her legs were wrapped around his waist so that he was carrying her.

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