Chapter 8

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The last bell rang to dismiss us and I wait by my baby for Carter to join me.

"Calum." A familiar voice comes from behind me.

"Hmm." I see it's Michael and the new chick he picked up from the party.

"Are we playing at the spot tonight man?" He leans on the truck beside me.

"Yeah. Is the whole crew ready?"

"Yeah man but we need a drummer. We suck without one."

"We need to find one fast then." Out of no where Carter runs into my arms and squeezes me tightly.

"What is this for?" I chuckle.

"I heard you say you needed a drummer and Ashton is a drummer and can help!" She squeals.

"Ok ok fine." I give in

"Yes!" She then takes out her phone texting Ashton to meet us at the spot.

Hopefully he's the best drummer or I swear we are dropping him.

Carter's POV.

Finally a got Ashton a gig. On our way to our classes before we separated he talked about him playing the drums but never having a reason to make it a career.

To me, this was his shot. Something he wanted and from what happened with my dad early, him forgiving me wasn't enough. I felt as if this would actually do it and make me feel less guilty like I had hurt him in a way. Feeling so cheery my phone buzzed and Ashton's name popped up

From Ashton:

Great! I'll meet you guys there! (:

As soon as we walked into the condo I could hear Bethany's screams and Luke's moaning. So much for him telling me how much he loves me and then trying to get back together.

"Wanna have some fun?" Calum whispers in my ear and I vision a smirk on his lips.

I shook my head and walk Calum burst into the room and scream.


"Calum get out!" Bethany whines

"You guys are hoes. And Bethany didn't you want to get into my pants the other day."

I giggled at Calum's response. I don't think they know I'm by the door hearing everything happen.

"N-no." She hesitates

"Bethany what the fuck. I thought you never had a thing with Calum?"

I then walked in on Luke pushing Bethany off of him in disgust.

"Babe don't be like this. Remember the good times we had" she winked at him and he huffed in annoyance while looking over to me with sorry written all over his face.

"Your such a pig." I rolled my eyes at Luke and trotted off to me and Calum's room. I been sleeping with him lately to keep my calm. Mostly for the dreams and the fact that I feel safe around him.

Before I walked into the room I was lifted up over a shoulder and dropped onto the bed while laughing. Suddenly Calum's face came into view and he kissed my forehead before rolling off of the bed and entering the bathroom.

That was all he needed to do. His little teases and playful gestures were always just a best friend thing to me. But now, I think I'm starting to like Calum. Not just for his looks like most girls but, for him.

"Carter? Are you coming to watch the band play tonight?" He calls from the bathroom.


"Great." He pops his head out of the bathroom and gives me a dorky smile. I laugh at his stupidity and roll off the bed and start to get dressed for the show.

"Don't take the whole mirror."

"Go away Calum." I giggle

"No." He starts shaking his butt behind me.

I burst into laughter while taking a towel and whipping his butt with it.

"Ow! You wanna plan that game, huh?" He smirks and gets his own towel, hitting my bum hard.

"Ouch!" I rub my butt trying to decrease the pain an he chuckles walking over to me pulling me into a long embrace.

"I'm sorry." He whispers in my ear and moves his hands to my butt. I jump surprised and he chuckles again slightly pulling away making our foreheads touch.

I wanted to kiss him badly but I didn't want to make everything we had as friends fall apart. He wasn't thinking the same, and without backing away he kissed my lips. His smooth lips went perfectly together with mine like a dulcet melody.

He back away touching our foreheads one again. I smiled at his cuteness.

"Guys, are you ready?" A small creek coming from the door revealing Luke behind it.

"Oh I'm sorry if I disrupted something." A smirk appeared on his lips as he leaned against the door frame.

"You weren't." I backed away from Calum pushing past Luke to continue getting dressed.


"Simmer down, Simmer down. They say were to young now to amount to anything else..." The whole crowd bobbed their heads and rocked to them play.

Since they now had a awesome drummer and were a complete band.i got to decide their name. It took a while to think of what these four crazies would want to be called but then something came to my head. They are now 5SOS.

"5 seconds of summer."

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