Todays the day part 1

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Lucy POV

Me and Harry are postponing our trip because Louie is proposing to Abigail today. I'm so glad he's happy. I knock on Louie's door. Abby is out shopping with Alyssa. Me and Alyssa haven't talked in awhile but her and Abby have become good friends. "Hey luc what's up" he says opening the door. "Nothing I just wanna talk" I say with a smile. "Sure come on in" he says sitting on the edge of his bed. I sit next to him. "So today the day" I say teasing. "Yes it is. I'm freaking out. I don't know what she's gonna say" I roll my eyes "of course she's gonna say yes. An at your wedding I won't do what you did!" I tease causing him to laugh. "Haha sorry about that" he says "your the best Lucy. Any other girl would flip shit if I ruined there wedding"

Zayns POV

I can't take this anymore. Nicole is fantastic but she is beyond prude. All we do is make out and she gets tense when we do that! I've got a plan though. It's the only way. "Hey Liam" I yell into the living room coming down the stairs. "What's up mate?" He says pausing his video game. " I need a favor. Um you remember that cabin that you bought in the woods? You know the one where you took Lucy to?" I ask.

Abigials POV

"Hey guys I'm back" I say throwing my keys on the little table by the door. Louie runs down the stairs "hey Abigail" he says before kissing me passionately. "Hey" I say with a giggle. "Let's get some lunch at Marcos" he says reaching for his coat. "Sure why not I say picking up my keys. "No no ill drive" he says basically running out the door. What's with him?"

Harry's POV

Gemma picked up the kids this morning. We all got to get ready to head to the park. Louie's gonna text us when he's ordering dessert so we get there at the right time. Then tomorrow me and Lucy are going on our trip. I feel like we are drifting and I don't like that. Niall and rose are already at the park decorating the place with flower petals and roses. Louie wants us all to wear white. I put on black pants and a white dress shirt. Then Lucy comes in the room. Before I can say anything she runs up to me and hugs me so tight I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me. "Hi" she says sweetly and starts laughing. I kiss her then put her down. I smile at her then she heads to her closet. I lay I the bed and turn in the tellie. She comes back put looking incredible. She has a white dress that is tight on the top, white shoulders (that straps are at the edge if her shoulders) and the bottom puffs very out a little by the waist and comes to a little above her knees and she has bright red shoes. "You- Llook incredible" I stutter speech less. She smiles and heads to the bathroom. I married the most beautiful girl in the world.

Louie's POV

"This food is fantastic" abigial says. "We'll duh it's Marcos" I say teasing causing her to laugh. "I love you" she says taking a bite of her pasta. "I love you too" I say with a smile. She has no idea what's coming.

Lucy's POV

I straighten my hair then curl the bottom slightly. My hair got long! It's almost at my ass. I do my make up and finish it off with a slight red lipstick. I red out of the bathroom and take Harry's hand. "Come on let's go" I say running out of the room making him laugh again. We go down the stairs and Liam Zayn and Nicole are all there. She must of just got here. "Ready lads?" Liam asked. They all look so handsome in white. "I love your dress Nicole" I say and she smiles. It was tight and 1 shoulder that was long sleeved. She had red shoes that had a tiny white bow on the back by her heel. We all get in Liam's car and head to the park. I can't wait to see Abigail's face.

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