Part 2

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Yes, thanks to MWest for being my first reader! Okay, I'll continue!

She led me into the building, pushing the door just lightly enough that she could get through. But it fell back on me.  (A.N.: Don't you hate that?!) Finally, we stepped in a classroom, the rows of desks neatly placed together.

"Class will start in about..." she looks at the clock, "fifteen minutes. You sit at the far left desk in the third row, and your stuff is in there already." She turned around and strides to the door. She stops there.

"Oh, and welcome to class 2B." She says without turning around, then walks out.

I smiled. I think that's her way of being nice. I think.

I sit down at my desk, looking at the clock and doodling in my journal I brought. Footsteps echo through the classroom quietly. I look up to see a small-ish girl with bleach Blonde hair, the ends dip-dyed blue. She wore cat-eye eyeliner on and mascara painted over her long eyelashes. She had on a long grey sweatshirt with sneakers and a hat with some kind of band logo on it, her dark blue eyes peaking out from under.

"Um...  hi." I greeted. She froze and slowly turned her head towards me.

"H-hi." She said, a shy smile on her face, her braces glinting in the light as she pulled the hat lower across his face.

"I'm Catrina. What's your name?"

"Skylar.  But call me Sky." I nodded agreeably and smiled.

She nodded and took the seat farthest from me. Just then, the bell rang, and a load of kids poured in. I guess class is starting...

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