songs :-

1-if you ever come back by the script

2-you won't feel athing by the script

3-nothing by the script

alice pov

I wake up in the morning I actually slept on the floor yesterday my neck hurts alot

I stand then start to walk to my bathroom to have a shower

I take off my clothe & step in the shower

& the hot water hit my skin my neck muscle start to relax my mind try to imagine where is zayn now I can't get over his call yesterday that fucking scar told him that I have anew boyfriend he must be so broken he must felt the same way I felt when scar told me that zayn forgot me.

why zayn have to be away from me? why he have to obey orders? I miss him so much , I miss his smile , I miss his lips on mine , I miss the way he used to look at me . my legs can't carry me anymore I step out of the shower & warp my body with the towel & sit on the floor I can't stop my tears . why this have to be so hard

after about half an hour I get up I stand in front of the mirror I look to my self

"why he have to leave me ?" I say

"you know something I'm going to find him I can't take it anymore" I add I got out of the bathroom I stand in front of my Closet I grab a black jeans & a sweet shirt I put my clothe on then I do my hair I wear my shoes , I pull my heir up in a pony tail , I take my bag then go down stairs mum is not home as always I eat some cereal as soon as I finish there is a knock on the door , I open the door to see a smiling hunter standing in front of me

" good morning" he says

" good morning" I reply

" are you ready ?" he asks


we arrive at school everyone is looking at me again !!

I arrive to my history class & say goodbye to hunter

"alice" selena say from behind me


"how are you ?"  she say

"fine" I reply

"I missed you"

"yeah me too"

"what's up with you ? why you look so .."

"empty yeah I'm empty I can't feel anything"

"alice I thought you started to move on" she put her hand on my shoulder

"I'll never move on"  I looked down

"you will move on you just need time trust me " she smiled

the she took a seat


at the lunch

I set with hunter & selena

"alice what about we go to cinema tonight " hunter say

"no thanks I have alot of homework to do"

"okay I can stop by & help you at your homework"

" I appreciate that but I just need time alone "

"okay" he say with a fake smile but I can't tell him yes because I need to find zayn

as I go back to my class I saw niall & harry getting out of the principal office

"niall , harry" I called them

"alice" niall says rubbing his neck

"how are you guys? " i say faking a smile

"fine" harry say

"guys do you know anything about zayn? is he okay? " I ask

"alice we are very sorry we can't tell you anything" harry say

"harry please tell me I'm begging you guys I really need some information about zayn "  my eyes started to get blurry

"alice I'm really very sorry I wish I could help but we are helpless" niall say with a disappointed look

"at least tell me he is okay he called me yesterday but while we was talking someone crushed his phone" I cried

"alice don't worry he is okay I guess" harry try to comfort me

"guys but he didn't sound good his voice make me feel like he is exhausted or even hurt I think someone hurt him " I say

" of course he is exhausted & hurt, he didn't want to leave you alice he had to. he was so broken he even asked us to kill him " harry looks down

"what ? why would he say that?"

"because he knew he can't live without you he basically lived his 50years hoping that he dies  until he met you"

"guys please tell me where did he go I will find him myself just tell me where is he ?"

"we don't know " niall said

"come on alice you have classes" harry says

"but harry please" i say

"if we know any information about him we will tell you " he says  as we walk to the class but in my mimd all I think about is zayn I want him I will find him


as I arrive home & say goodbye to hunter

I go to my room I take my phone & try to call the number that zayn called from yesterday day but it's not available

"fuck" I throw my fist in the air

I do all my homework quickly

I need some air I need to think straight see how I'm going to find zayn

I put on my jacket &  my shoes then I went outside to the nearest park

I walked until I reached a tree I set under it I was looking around me until my eyes landed on a man with a cost & a hat he was looking at me & when he realised that I saw him , he turned around

I walked to him I was trying to focus on his face because it was dark and I barely saw him

until I saw his eyes , his eyes was red he is a vampire he must knew anything about zayn

when he saw me after him he walked quickly

"wait" I shouted

"please wait" I started to run after him

until he disappeared behind a tree suddenly scar appeared then he came close to me

"hey alice" scar say

the man who I saw was back

"leave her scar" the man says


guess who is that man ?

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