The Choice

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Emily was walking home from the park when she had feeling someone was following her. She began to walk a little faster, and so did the person following her. As her pace quickened she knew the stranger was still following her. She pulled out her phone and called the most recent contact she used, "Becca, I think someone is following me." It was quiet on the other line. So quiet Emily could hear the persons breathing. "Becca? I can hear your breathing. Rebecca?" she began to worry, why wasn't she talking? "You do what I say and nobody will get hurt. If you do not I will kill everyone you love and care about. I will have people watching you 24/7 so don't try anything. If you tell anyone I will kill them without hesitating. From now on you should probably go to the park in the morning. You can't out run me I'm everywhere. I'm two steps ahead while you're two steps behind." A raspy voice said. "What do you want from me?" Emily asked. The voice didn't answer they just hung-up leaving Emily wondering.

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